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How 500 RB Prints Are Making East Hotel Unique

In general hotel art is the porridge of the art world – bland enough to offend no one and appeal to nobody. East Hotel in Canberra is different. While it was being built the owners, Dan and Dion Bisa, approached Redbubble to assist with art that would complement the distinctive personality of their 4.5 star hotel. The end result is a stunning alliance of art and architecture: a hotel reflective of owners with passion, attention to detail and a genuine love of the environment they have created. The hotel is in Dan’s words “a little quirky and full of exuberance” providing “qualities in a hotel that today’s guest values, not what they valued 50 years ago. East has a personality.”

They chose the art from RB because “it has an edginess to it. You don’t walk into a room and not notice it, its not a watercolour of a boat – it has vibrancy! We want our guests to know we have put a lot of thought into every aspect of the hotel, and our art reflects our personality!” And the art gets attention: “We are always getting comments on the art, most love it, some don’t like it…but job done…all have noticed it. There are some more risqué pieces…which from time to time don’t agree with guests, but it’s with a smile that they tell us!” They have had the courage to build a hotel that is distinctive and reflective of their passions. We love it, and we love the art they have chosen.

The hotel features 500 framed prints from RB artists Ben RyancrickmediaFarfarmKendal DockeryKevin PoultonMark HigginsMark JacksonMark SmartMart DelvalleNaomi FrostNoukka SignepatcheahpowerpigThomas Spiessens and waitin’ for rain. As for Dan, his favorite piece is “A Thousand Miles by Noukka Signe. I know it’s a self portrait photo but I’ve renamed it Mona (Lisa)…her eyes follow me everywhere!”