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Featured Artist: David Kennett

‘Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence’. So begins Calvin Coolidge’€™s famous quote inspiring sports and business people, academics and artists alike. David Kennett describes himself as a late starter in illustration and is even a trifle self-effacing when describing his early work. If indeed his entry to the world of illustration was as difficult as he describes, it’€™s hard to believe looking at his portfolio today. But the artist may well be a shining example of Coolidge’s sentiments. He describes his work as €˜time consuming, enjoyably so€™, which is reflected in his highly diverse and meticulously produced portfolio.

Upon completing his studies in illustration, Kennett was recommended by one of his lecturers to work on a 16-page book. True to form, the artist was never quite satisfied with his work and did each illustration over and over, until the project had stretched out to almost a year. However, persistence prevailed, once again. Kennett concludes the story saying€˜ ‘the job got done. I learnt a lot’.

This portfolio includes a range of illustration from African animals, captured with fantastic feel for movement and color, to rolling landscapes, and some highly engaging fantasy illustration. (The latter, by the way, is a part of a large and, as yet, unfinished project – We certainly hope to see a finished product one day.) Urban sketching is a popular theme here on Redbubble and, in addition to the above, Kennett is a fine example of the kind of intuition, patience and fascination for new places that characterise those quiet street-dwellers who, sketchbook upon their knees, engage in the pursuit. Kennett loves to travel and meet the locals in a new urban setting whilst capturing its beauty on paper.

David Kennett is very reflective about illustration and the relationship between subject, artist and the work itself. He explains how€˜ ‘even the most mundane of subjects is transformed when you sit down and draw it. The process of drawing the world in front of you is beneficial to artistic growth’.

See David Kennett’s full portfolio here.