5 Ways to Decorate with Duvet Covers and Throw Pillows

Your style is your own and it probably doesn’t fit into a singular category—sometimes you’re big and bold, sometimes you’re calm and you lie low. But regardless of your style, the below home decor looks are ready to inspire. With these duvet covers and throw pillows, anybody can create the perfect hang out space.

Southwest | The Rancher’s Vision 

Don’t mind the dry and the hot? If you like succulents and desert flowers or dream of pioneering the Wild West, you’ll love a southwestern look with a warm color palette and earthy motifs. Yes, tiny, potted cacti may adorn this bed, but our duvet covers are soft and inviting. Clockwise from top left: “Cactus plants texture pattern” by oksancia, “Cacti & Succulent” by Vicky Webb, “The Desert” by Essi Kimpimaki.

Sea | The Captain’s Perch 

Get carried away with these designs inspired by the bold, open sea. Stay upbeat with Nic Squirrell’s cheerful “Oh Buoy!” patterned throw pillow, float away with Bruno Diniz’s “Adrift” design, and cuddle beneath a sea-faring dude in Seasidespirit’s “Sailor.” While you’re at it, start charting your next wayward adventure—because only dead fish go with the flow!

Space | Aloft with Astronauts

Take your bedroom to the final frontier with these otherworldly designs. Your bed becomes a vessel for outer space adventuring. Nicebleed’s “The Keeper duvet cover“Endless Opportunities” pillow by Nicolae Negura and “Space Travel” pillow by Carbine are comfy companions for exploring the stars . No space helmet needed when you come home and crash into these galactic designs.

Boho | Free Spirit’s Den

What helps you relax? Intricate, flowing edges of blooms and mandalas create a gentle feel of motion and offer a calming presence to keep your bedroom airy and light. These bohemian designs both inspire and free your mind; wander into daydreams with Micklyn’s “Explorations in Ink & Symmetry duvet cover,” Littleclyde’s “Summer Field” pillow, and Freemind’s “Feather” pillow.

Soft Grunge | Dark and Delightful

You like pretty, but with an edge. Chill out with these bold designs; when juxtaposed with a pastel palette, they hit that sweet spot between vulnerable and delicate, tough and outspoken. Take it in one direction with more rose and lavender hues, or go the other with more skulls and crossbones. Below we’ve got “Saccharine Skulls” duvet cover by by tracieandrews, “A Beautiful Death” throw pillow by Terry Fan, and “Rainbow Pastel Watercolor Moroccan Pattern” throw pillow by micklyn.

Which style suits your creative taste best? Let us know in the comments below.

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