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New York Comic Con 2012

New York Comic Con 2012

New York Comic Con has landed with a rubber-masked, plastic-sworded, black-caped, green-haired, ivy-covered bang. And we’re here to soak up every second of it with a plethora of your splendid designs. It’s hardly even started and we’ve met so many fans and members already. It’s tricky to describe how it feels to watch real live people display real live excitement over your work but it’s quite incredibly overwhelming. In fact ‘overwhelming’ pretty well sums up day one of NYCC 2012 so you’ll excuse us as we describe today pictorially while we mentally prepare ourselves for the the real action this weekend.

9.30am, doors open….

^ The winning design by Headless from our spectacular NYCC poster contest.

If you’re coming to the show make sure you come down and say hello, Booth 849.