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The Redbubble Partner Program

We had a dream that artists on Redbubble could create officially licensed designs for their favorite brands. We also had a dream where we accidentally came to work naked. But this is about the first dream. Introducing the Redbubble Partner Program.

  • Connect with brands you love
  • Create officially licensed work
  • Gain more recognition for your creativity

The process is simple.

  • Check our current brand partners
  • Read the guidelines for the brand your art is based on
  • Add the necessary tags to your work (found in the guidelines ­čśë )
  • Watch your inbox to see if your work has been officially licensed

This license covers the sale of your artwork on the Redbubble marketplace only.

Learn more about the partner program here.


More About Selling on Redbubble

Redbubble is an online marketplace that allows artists to sell their work on a range of high-quality products. We could go on and on about how we handle everything from printing and shipping to ongoing customer service, but who wants to read all of that? Answer: no one. Here’s a better idea.

TL;DR. Just Watch This ­čĹç

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Hero image design by A Deniz Akerman

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