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Why Redbubble is Supporting Efforts to Prevent Violence Against Women

At Redbubble, we proudly hold compassion, courage, and commitment at the core of our values. This means we’re committed to helping build a world reflecting these values, and an important aspect of this is gender equality.

In an effort to help address issues of gender inequality, we recently agreed to become a White Ribbon accredited organization.

Who is White Ribbon?

They’re the leading organization in Australia striving to create a world free of all forms of violence against women. Underpinning their work is the positive engagement of men. White Ribbon Australia provides a safe and inclusive platform for men to discuss a complex and sensitive issue and provides the necessary tools for men to help in the efforts to stop violence against women in their communities and beyond.

Together by Frank Moth

Rainbow Peak by Andy Westface

Stronger (Round Things) by Hotamr

What does it mean to be a White Ribbon accredited organization?

It means we’re working to create a safe space to educate and speak about violence against women, with all Redbubble employees via the White Ribbon accreditation program. Being a White Ribbon accredited organization means we are committed to promoting gender equality and respect in all relationships while creating a healthy culture where employees feel confident and safe to disclose experiences of violence and seek support.

Wings of Courage by EdnaMa

Let’s Keep Warm by Pippirabbit

Roses by Miss Katz

Why are we doing this?

Because we want to support prevention of violence against women and that starts with creating a culture of gender equality, promotion of respectful relationships, and increasing awareness of the issues and the impact.

While Redbubble acknowledges all forms of violence are unacceptable, statistics overwhelmingly show the majority of domestic violence victims are women. This is not to underemphasize the experiences of victims in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) relationships. White Ribbon’s policies and procedures establish the commitment to prevent all forms of violence regardless of gender.

Sweet Heart by Mathijsvissers

Together by Ghostii

Change is Good by Alice Carroll

Through education, awareness-raising, and partnerships, White Ribbon’s program challenges negative, outdated concepts while inspiring us to embrace the incredible potential we all have to be a part of this positive change.

Learn more about the White Ribbon Campaign and how they are raising awareness worldwide.

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