12 Spooktacularly Clever Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a spooktacular time of year when you can embrace your inner-special-effects artist and show off your costume prowess. But, if you’re like some, sitting in the corner with the bowl of candy seems easier than developing a mind-blowing costume. We’ve taken the work out of creating the world’s most awesome costume. Whether you’ll be working the remote, handing out candy, or the life of the party, we’ve got the perfect costume for you that you can wear all year. Win!

So, you’ve been invited to a Halloween party.
You’re obviously super excited. Not.
We’ve got you covered.
All you need for this costume is YOU + a Tee.
Easy peasy.
You can even pick up an extra tee for your dog.
To show how much effort you’re willing to put into this.

Andrew is wearing a beard to give his costume real authenticity.

Check out some of our other from “no to go” suggestions below.

Sassquatch / Bigfoot costume. One tee + one hairy person = awesome costume

Spelling Bee. Don’t spell? Add a dictionary, instant costume.

Fit as a fiddle? This costume is for you!

If you’re up for more of a challenge but the thought of scrubbing a permanent marker mustache off your face isn’t your thing, try this look.

All you need to get this look is YOU + a Tee + Leggings.

Vivian shows us how easy it is to go from the office to instant mermaid in this costume design. She’s added a bit of make-up and some awesome boots to authenticate her look.

Check out some of our other costume suggestions below.

Halloween, not your thing? Try the “Bitter Pill” dress.

I Scream (for ice cream) – doesn’t have to be just for Halloween.

Taco Belle. Every taco lovers dream.

>Of course, you may want to show up in the best costume. Maddy shows us how easy you can create a Roy Lichtenstein-style costume with a little extra effort. This look can also be worn the following day to work, in case you overdo it on Halloween candy.

All you need to get this look is YOU + a Dress + Leggings.

Maddy pulls this costume off flawlessly with a Redbubble A-line dress and leggings. She completes the look with make-up and a cute wig.

Watch a tutorial here on how to apply Roy Lichtenstein-inspired makeup.

Bubblegum dispenser. Add red tights and you’re guaranteed to have a (gum)ball time.

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