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Art allows us to share our inner voice with others – even if we don’t speak the same language.

Artists are inspired by the world around them. From detailed patterns to bold murals to introspective designs, their art is an unique expression of experience and perspective. This dialog highlights the universal human desire to communicate, connect, and thrive.

Redbubble is an amazing resource to find art from many different cultures. These designs are just a few snapshots of how personal inspiration can be enjoyed by people across the globe. Take a quick trip around the world with these colorful examples from some of most popular creators!


Location: Italy

Artist bio: Roman Gal Goes is an illustrator from Rome who loves her city so much that it’s become their main subject… alongside her black cat, Stanis.



Location: France

Artist bio: Anato is a professional (and prolific) illustrator and concept artist who has worked on many prestigious projects with Unit Image, Wizards of the Coast, Dark Horse Studio, National Library of France, Materia Collective, and more.


Location: UK

Artist bio: Rick Crane is a lover of the natural world, surviving in the man made world, whose minimalist and geometric artworks are inspired by nature and travel.


Location: Germany

Artist bio: Littleclyde’s work is a study of introspection, nostalgia, joy and imagination. With a heavy emphasis on nature, she likes to combine analog painting with digital techniques to create a unique style. Littleclye is inspired by many different landscapes, from an early childhood in suburban New York to her formative island years in Hawaii, and the many stops along the way to her current home in the ever changing city of Berlin.


Location: United States

Artist bio: KrisSid is a devoted travel enthusiast and seasoned graphic designer who brings to life the magic of exploration and adventure through an engaging travel blog and enthralling product collection. Their collection of travel designs is inspired by the beauty and majesty of the planet’s most beloved natural spaces.


Location: Sweden

Artist bio: Simon is a Swedish artist, video game developer and musician who is best known for his science fiction inspired paintings of retro-futuristic landscapes.


Location: Australia

Artist bio: Jess is a designer/ illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia who draws mostly on her iPad with Procreate and is a lover of all things creepy and cute!


Location: Japan

Artist bio: Tokyoluv is a visual artist and street photographer who crafts lush, cyberpunk-inspired shots of cities.His pieces perfectly capture the neon look of a bustling city at night. He loves bringing viewers to an alternate reality through his timeless photos.


Location: Japan

Artist bio: JJ paints on paper, on boxes, on the computer, and now mostly on fabric with dye-paint. They enjoy making handmade crafts and video games with friends. Recently, JJ started drawing her first picture book.


Location: Norway

Artist bio: Victoria is a Norwegian illustrator and comic book artist who works in many different colorful and clean styles. Her illustrations have a joyful palette and often feature strange creatures, people, and animals.

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