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Meet the Redbubble Artist Ambassadors

We were completely overwhelmed by the response to our call for Artist Ambassadors, with over 500 applications from our amazing artist community! It was impossible to narrow the list down to 10 as originally planned, so this year’s Ambassador group has been expanded to 15 fabulous artists.

For those who didn’t make the cut this time around, please know we are truly grateful to you for taking the time to submit your applications, and sharing your passion and enthusiasm for making Redbubble an even better marketplace. We’re cooking up more ways to connect with the artist community so please keep an eye out for future opportunities. In the meantime, we’d like to introduce you to our first group of Artist Ambassadors!

Featured header image: seals by reyreypelcastre 

Reyna Pelcastre

Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico

Reyna Pelcastre is in Afro-Mexican illustrator, designer, “sapphic gal pal”, and self-confessed nerd. She describes her work as colorful, geeky, full of pop culture references, queer history, and power to black women.

Reyna has created work for international brands including Sony Pictures, DC Comics, Pepsico, and Snapchat and you can find her vibrant illustration style on everything from children’s books to gig posters.

Redbubble | Instagram | TikTok

Nathan Jones | njonestees

Bradford, United Kingdom

Nathan Jones combines intricate line art and natural elements to produce illustrations celebrating his love of gaming, fantasy, mythology, and pop culture. His inspirations also include tattoo art, playing cards, stained glass, and mandalas.

A master of merch, Nathan’s main focus is conventions. He can often be found behind a well-stocked booth, impressing fellow pop culture fans with everything from enamel pins to temporary tattoos.

Redbubble | Instagram | Website

Cat Coquillette

World Traveler, Various Locations

Originally from the US, Cat Coquillette is a full-time travelling artist who creates works for over 100 licensing partners and teaches through platforms like Skillshare.

Her work can be found in retail stores worldwide, including Urban Outfitters, Target, Anthropologie, HomeGoods, Barnes & Noble, Modcloth, Nordstrom, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Cat also hosts watercolor and entrepreneurship retreats all around the world including France, Spain, and Morocco.

Redbubble | Instagram | Website

Juna Duncan | Detour Shirts

United States

Juna Duncan is a t-shirt designer who is inspired by the cute and kawaii, and appreciates a good dad joke. Juna runs a popular Youtube channel where he shares detailed insights on how to find success on Print on Demand sites like Redbubble.

He’s a great source of knowledge on how each platform works and has his finger on the pulse so his 100k+ subscribers are the first to know about any news or updates.

Redbubble | Instagram | YouTube

Deja Brown | dejadoodles

Colorado, USA

Deja Brown is a professional freelance designer and illustrator who has worked with global clients like Adidas, Vox, Coach, Nike, Champion, and Ban.do.

Her work ranges from whimsical, quirky illustrations to abstract designs that are bold and full of personality.

Deja’s portfolio includes packaging, editorial illustrations, type design apparel design, and book design.

Redbubble | Instagram | TikTok | Website

Rafael Bastos | Vó Maria

Itabirito, Brazil

Rafael is an illustrator and designer who creates funny t-shirt designs inspired by pop-culture, memes, movies, and tv shows. He has been designing since 2009 and has a deep knowledge of the t-shirt design business. Over the years, Rafael has sold his designs across many different platforms and marketplaces as well as running his own t-shirt company.

Fun fact: The Vó Maria name is a tribute to his great-grandmother, one of the most interesting people he has ever met.

Redbubble | Instagram

Ana | Snazzy Seagull


Snazzy Seagull is a master of the bad graphic design aesthetic. She’s amassed a huge social following by sharing daily designs with her followers on TikTok and Instagram. If you’re a fan of dad jokes, memes, word art, ‘and a little bit of chaos’ you’ll love her work.

When she’s not creating your next favorite t-shirt design, Ana is busy studying Neuroscience (but we suspect graphic design is her real passion).

Redbubble | Instagram | TikTok | Website

Alema Art | Alhern67

Florida, USA

Alema Art has a solid creative skillset. He is just as comfortable with acrylics, oils, pastels, charcoal, pencil, or pen and ink as he is designing digitally. He is a huge lover of pop-culture and his designs are inspired by nostalgic movies and tv shows.

When he’s not designing top-selling t-shirts, you can usually find him practicing Karate or adding to his collection of art supplies.

Redbubble | Instagram | Website

Lisa Jayne Murray

Melbourne, Australia

Lisa Jayne Murray is an illustrator and surface pattern designer, inspired by bold colors and all things retro. Her passion for design started with Verner Panton, Mary Quant and Habitat catalogues from the 1970s and 80s and she has a special place in her heart for mid-century fabric, stationery, and home decor.

Lisa is a market regular, using face-to-face interactions with her customers to compliment selling online. She’s constantly seeking feedback and refining her approach to understand what her customers are looking for.

Redbubble | Instagram | Website

Dalibor Novak | Krobilad

Belgrade, Serbia

Dalibor is a graphic designer inspired by science fiction, horror, demonology, and the occult. Add some clever pop-culture references and a healthy dose of humor and you have some amazing t-shirt designs.

He is a master of designing with the t-shirt as his canvas, demonstrating great layout and typography skills, and use of color. He has been in the t-shirt game for many years, finding fans across multiple platforms and marketplaces.

Redbubble | Instagram | Behance

Paula Gonzalez | MsGonzalez

London, United Kingdom

Paula Gonzalez is a collage and mixed media artist from Spain, based in London. She draws from a broad range of inspirations including retrofuturism, Japanese sci-fi, animals and nature, and most of all her travels.

Photography has always been her primary creative outlet but during the pandemic she found a new passion in the world of digital collage, and now you can find her work in places such as Urban Outfitters, Oliver Bonas and Trader Joe’s (which she feels is as surreal as her designs!)

Redbubble | Instagram

Ali Gulec

 Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish artist and graphic designer Ali Gulec is best known for his series of skull artworks created using different techniques including digital collage, photography and ink drawing. He is inspired by the macabre and the surreal.

Ali marries a background in fine art with a curiosity about how art may evolve with new technologies. His work has appeared in galleries and sold as NFTs.

Redbubble | Instagram

Leyla Wagner | Leyawa

Düren, Germany

Leyla is a mixed media artist and Twitch streamer. She creates beautiful illustrations inspired by whimsical, fantasy, and witchy themes, with a sprinkling of LGBTQ+ pride.

When she’s not streaming or hanging with her cats, you’ll find her at a convention, sharing her creations with fans of the cute and creepy.

Redbubble | Instagram | Twitch


Amber Liu 

Cebu, Philippines

Amber is a graphic designer, illustrator, and lettering artist who specialises in book cover designs, animations, and branding work. She discovered her passion for art and design when she started sharing her work online at the age of 13.

Amber has a Masters in Business and a BFA in Communications Design , giving her a unique perspective on building a creative business. She has created work for clients including Hamilton, Disney, and Mattel.

Redbubble | Instagram | Website


Tokyo, Japan

TOKYOLUV is a visual artist, street photographer, and lover of the cyberpunk aesthetic. His streetscapes capture bustling cities bathed in neon, landing somewhere between Bladerunner and your favorite anime film.

Unsurprisingly, TOKYOLUV likes to explore new technologies. He has recently curated a web3 art exhibition, and animated versions of his images have been minted as NFTs.

Redbubble | Instagram | Website

Thank you again to everyone who applied, and congratulations to this year’s Artist Ambassadors. We can’t wait to learn more about your perspectives and experiences, and work together to help shape the future of Redbubble.



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