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The Standard Tier Explained: How Accounts Are Classified as Standard on Redbubble

Redbubble is an open marketplace that welcomes all types of art and design. We believe in fostering a vibrant and supportive artist community while also maintaining a high quality, engaging, and positive experience for customers.

In this post we’ll provide clarity on the behaviors that may lead to an account being classified as Standard, with the aim of giving artists the knowledge you need to elevate your Redbubble shops. We’re here to provide guidance and support, helping you develop your skills, and succeed and grow within the Redbubble community.

The Standard Tier of artist accounts primarily includes those who may engage in behaviors that aren’t the best fit for a healthy marketplace, or upload designs that may not meet the same level of quality or uniqueness as Premium or Pro tiers. We understand that discussing these behaviors may seem negative, but we believe it’s important to be transparent.

When we refer to “quality” and “uniqueness” we’re looking at a number of things. It could be designs that are repetitive, created in large quantities without a lot of effort. Or designs that use stock images or clip art without any modifications, or low-resolution images or issues with file quality.

Having an excessive amount of this kind of content harms the overall marketplace experience by making it harder for customers to find what they’re looking for, and reduces the chances of them making repeat purchases.

Managing and reviewing this content also comes with extra costs. Accounts that upload such content have higher instances of tag spamming, uploading designs that infringe on copyright, or using bots to bulk upload. These accounts also tend to have a higher rate of returns, which isn’t ideal for anyone.

Behaviors that may lead to an account being classified as Standard

Account classification isn’t based on a rigid set of criteria. We consider a bunch of different factors so that we can make fairer decisions. We encourage you to steer clear of as many of these things as possible if you’re aiming to be classified as Premium:

  • Low resolution images and poor file quality
  • Issues with product formatting (how designs are positioned on products)
  • High volumes of low-effort or repetitive designs
  • Vector packs, clip art, royalty free images without any modification
  • Content you did not create yourself
  • Using bots or bulk uploading tools
  • Tag spamming or misleading information in titles and descriptions

New accounts and emerging artists are not automatically classified as Standard

You can be brand new to Redbubble and be classified as Premium. We absolutely want to support and encourage artists who are just starting out. We love spotting rising stars and giving them more opportunities to build their audience – Some of today’s top sellers started out this way.

Accounts that have very little information may initially be classified as Standard if we don’t have much to go on, so make sure you upload your best, most original work and share as much as possible about yourself on your profile including links to your social profiles, even if your social following is modest.

We welcome and encourage artists to move from Standard to Premium. For more tips on how to be classified as Premium, see 5 Premium Tier Artists You Can Learn From.


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