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5 Premium Tier Artists You Can Learn From

A few weeks ago, we announced the introduction of new artist tiers and an account fee for Standard accounts. We received a lot of valuable feedback from our artist survey, and one of the most common themes was a request for more clarity on how accounts can be classified as Premium.

When it comes to determining an account tier, there isn’t a specific requirement such as hitting a certain sales threshold or having a minimum number of social media followers. Instead, we look at a range of attributes or signals. The most important signals are related to the kind of work you create and how you positively interact with Redbubble.

To demonstrate the types of accounts that are classified as Premium, we’ve collected some examples of artists, both new and old, who are doing great things. While some have already found success on Redbubble, others show great potential.

A few important things to clarify before we dive into the examples:

  • If you’re a New Artist on Redbubble, be sure your account meets all the requested criteria to increase the possibility of being placed directly into Premium.
  • New accounts can be classified as Premium at signup – accounts do not need to move through the Standard tier to be classified as Premium
  • Standard accounts are still able to submit original designs for inclusion in the Fan Art Program. We’ll be updating the tiers chart and other resources to more clearly reflect this.
  • Once you are classified as Premium it is unlikely that you will be re-classified as Standard. This may happen in cases where the content in your shop changes significantly, or for a considerable breach of the community and content guidelines, but our goal is to support artists to move up through the tiers.

We need to balance transparency with the need to protect the marketplace and artists from fraudulent actors so the examples below are aimed at providing more clarity about our approach to account classification.

Thoth Adan

Redbubble shop: thoth-adan.redbubble.com
Location: Salzburg, Austria
Joined Redbubble: October 2015
Number of designs: 288

Artist bio: Hi, I am Thoth, a Swiss-born, Austrian-based artist, symbol enthusiast and occasional surface designer, focused on Asian aesthetics and philosophies (such as Zen Buddhism and Taoism). Originally trained as a graphic designer, my work now covers and mixes various analog and digital techniques (preferably using Japanese Sumi ink and vector drawings).

Why they’re Premium: Thoth’s work is unique, works really well on core products like prints and clothing, and is related to themes that are highly searched on Redbubble.


Redbubble shop: Lisa-DoobyDoo.redbubble.com
Location: Spain
Joined Redbubble: May 2022
Number of designs: 31 designs

Artist bio: Lisa Dubinina is an illustrator who loves to play with stylized shapes and bold color palettes to create unique portraits.

Why they’re Premium: Lisa creates original fan art and is a Bridgerton superfan – A perfect match for Redbubble’s fan art partnership with Netflix. She is steadily growing a following of period drama fans on social and has an eye for creating designs they’ll love.


Redbubble shop: DejaDoodlesArt.redbubble.com
Location: Aurora, United States
Joined Redbubble: February 2023
Number of designs: 62

Artist bio: Hey there! I’m Deja (she/her), a self-taught illustrator and graphic designer! Deja Doodles Designs is my way of sharing my passion for design, colors, and fun with the world while helping businesses reach their full potential and stand out in the market. My specialties include art direction, Illustration, Graphic Design, web design, packaging design, and more!

Why they’re Premium: Deja’s bold colors and hand drawn type lend themselves to popular products like wall art and apparel. She cleverly incorporates anime aesthetics and color palettes into her own illustration style to create unique designs.

Kefan 404

Redbubble shop: k-weng.redbubble.com
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Joined Redbubble: August 2018
Number of designs: 77

Artist bio: Kefan is a digital artist and photographer from Germany. His Redbubble shop features a mixture of photographs and CG renders and many of his digital works are designed to blur the lines between fiction and reality.

Why they’re Premium: Kefan’s work is really well suited to wall art and home decor. We can just picture these on big, impactful prints. He injects a subtle humor into his digital artworks which makes them stand out even more.


Redbubble shop: DesignsByAND.redbubble.com
Location: Denver, United States
Joined Redbubble: October 2014
Number of designs: 109 designs

Artist bio: Hi, I’m Ashley! I love creating hand-lettered quotes about adventures—near and far, real and fictional. When I’m not designing, I can be found writing my marching band YA novel, visiting local bookstores and cafes, or exploring Minnesota’s state parks.

Why they’re Premium: Ashley’s fun hand-lettered designs and quotes are bold and expressive. She uses her experiences to create a style that is all hers. Ashley’s designs lend themselves really well to customer favorites like wall art, apparel, and stickers.

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Featured Image: Workspace  | Designed and sold by days-e

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