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We’re introducing new artist account tiers. Here’s why this will make Redbubble a better marketplace, and how the changes will apply to you.

On May 1st, Redbubble will be introducing a new tier structure for artist accounts, and an account fee for some accounts. We understand that this is a big change for the artist community, so we want to be transparent and clear about what’s happening.

Over the past few years the amount of new accounts and content has increased significantly on our marketplace. This has resulted in increased costs as we’ve needed greater investment in resources to operate the marketplace and support our artist community and your customers.

To move into the next stage of our growth, we are introducing an account tier structure and a fee for certain accounts. The tiers are intended to encourage actions that are positive for the marketplace and recognise and reward artists who invest time creating and promoting unique products. The fee is based on your monthly earnings and only applies if you make a sale.

We believe this will benefit everyone who participates in our marketplace – artists, customers, third-party fulfillers, and licensing partners.

From May 1st, your account will be classified as Redbubble Standard, Redbubble Premium, or Redbubble Pro. The tiers reflect a more tailored approach to the service and support that we will be building upon to better serve the artist community. Accounts are classified based on various criteria, including account activity, success as a seller, and whether you follow the community and content guidelines. We encourage artists to move up through the tiers by positively engaging with the marketplace, for example:

  • Uploading designs that showcase your unique creative skills
  • Creating based on trends or themes your customers are searching for
  • Uploading your best work with attention to image resolution and product formatting

For more information see: How accounts are reviewed and classified

An overview of new account tiers


A new account fee for Redbubble Standard accounts

We are introducing an account fee for Redbubble Standard accounts. The account fee applies when an artist makes sales in a given payment period, and is a flat fee based on your earnings in that period. If you make no sales during the payment period, you will not be charged a fee, so artists are never out of pocket. The fee will be automatically deducted from your payments.

The introduction of an account fee will enable us to invest in the service, support, platform features, and tools we provide for different artist tiers, plus improved support for your customers, and more marketing opportunities. As recognition for positive engagement with and investment in the Redbubble marketplace, Premium and Pro accounts will be exempt from the fee.

For detailed information see: Understanding how the new account fee may apply to you

As the Redbubble marketplace continues to grow, we want to continue our mission of supporting independent artists, being a loved destination for your customers, and delivering value for licensing partners. We believe that an account structure that encourages and rewards positive engagement with the marketplace will strengthen our foundations for the future.

If you have any questions please reach out to our Artist Support team.


Featured Image: Crayons Pattern – 80s Pastel Colors | Designed and sold by daisy-beatrice

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