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How accounts are reviewed and classified

Redbubble introduced a new tier structure in 2023 to help classify artist accounts. All artist who have a public storefront in our marketplace are classified as one of three different levels called tiers: Redbubble Standard, Redbubble Premium, and Redbubble Pro.

We look at several things to decide which tier an artist belongs in when they create an account. This includes the amount of profile information available and the quality/uniqueness of the designs uploaded. Existing artist accounts are also regularly reviewed for recent activity, how products are selling, and if they follow Redbubble’s rules for community and content.

These tiers are meant to encourage positive interactions on the Redbubble marketplace between sellers and their audience. They also recognize engaged artists who spend time creating unique products and promoting their storefronts in other channels.

Account Tier Overview


The Three Tiers Explained

Redbubble Standard is the starting point for many artists new to the platform. Artists can move up to Premium by positively interacting with the marketplace, developing their personal brand, creating unique content, making sales, promoting on social media, and following the rules. Standard Artists are subject to a small account fee (only taken after sales are made and never out of pocket) until they move up to the next tier.

Redbubble Premium is for artists who have grown their audience, learned about their customers, and regularly upload new designs in curated collections.  Many artists who come to Redbubble with an established following, unique brand, and/or variety of trendy work in their own style qualify for this tier. Premium Artists receive additional communication about current trend and salesa, advance invitations to design challenges, and elevated customer support without having to pay a small account fee. 

Redbubble Pro is a special program for our highest-performing artists. These accounts consistently create unique work that customers want to purchase, invest time promoting their Redbubble shop, and make high sales. The program is invite-only and reviewed yearly for growth and engagement. Pro Tier Artists have a dedicated response team for account plus Brand/IP support to help maintain and grow their storefronts.

How Accounts Are Reviewed

Redbubble automatically reviews an account after an artist uploads their first five designs.  During review, our team is making sure your account follows community guidelines for profile and design creation.

Classification can take up to five days. All new accounts are classified as Standard and Premium.

Ongoing account activity can prompt Redbubble to review your account again. This includes uploading new designs, adding social links, or making sales. These reviews may result in your tier changing, staying the same, or your account being suspended for breaking rules. Account may be reviewed multiple times per year.

Changing Tiers

In addition to sales, Redbubble reviews a number of factors to ensure accounts are properly classified. To increase your chances of moving up tiers, we recommend:

  • Creating designs based on popular trends and themes
  • Driving high-quality traffic to your Redbubble shop
  • Uploading unique, creative designs
  • Using high-resolution images with proper product formatting
  • Completing your profile with social media links

Checking Your Tier

You can easily check your current account tier by going to the Account Tiers and Fees page from the Artist Dashboard. This page also shows any account fees taken from your earnings if you are classified as Standard.

Providing Better Support

Over the past few years, Redbubble has been working to provide better support to artists based on how they use the platform. In 2021, we started the Pro-Tier program for top sellers. In 2022, we expanded account management for high-selling artists who create and sell unique products. 2024 has been a year of deep listening and review so we can continue to evolve alongside our global community.

You can request a review of your account tier by contacting our customer support team. Please note that we will do our best to respond to all requests as quickly as possible. Account review times vary throughout the year, so we appreciate your patience during the process.

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