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New Pet Bowls: Essential Design Tips for Products That Sell

Back in May we unleashed a whole new product category on Redbubble with the introduction of Pet Products, and pet parents across the globe have been treating their furry friends with new Pet Mats, Blankets, and Bandanas.

We’ve been working on more products for the pets range and we’re excited to announce the launch of Pet Bowls. Customers won’t be able to shop for them yet but they’re in the uploader now so you can start getting your products ready for launch.

Designs by miranema and Tiga Tiga 

Product Specs

Pets Bowls are made from 100% stainless steel. They have straight sides and feature an anti-slip ring made from 100% rubber. Your artwork wraps around the outside of the bowl. Pet Bowls are dishwasher safe with the rubber ring removed although we recommend hand washing to preserve the print. They are not suitable for microwave use.

Depth = 5.5cm / 2.25”
Diameter = 12.5cm / 5”
Circumference = 40.5cm / 16”

Depth = 7cm / 2.75”
Diameter = 17.5 cm / 6.8”
Circumference = 54.5cm / 21.5”

How to Design for Pet Bowls

Pet Bowls have a new tile which you’ll find at the bottom of the uploader under Advanced Products. Pet Bowls have a wide aspect ratio and the dimensions aren’t like any other product on Redbubble. In most cases, you’ll get better results if you create designs specifically for this product, instead of trying to make existing artworks fit.

If you’ve previously uploaded a repeat pattern tile, you can use the pattern tool to tile your existing design. Simple designs without too much fine detail may also work as single elements on the front, or repeated around the bowl.

We recommend downloading the design template and creating new designs so you’re offering high quality products to your customers. Quality products give you a better chance of ranking higher in search and your customers will be happy with their purchase and more likely to buy from your shop again. If you have your original artwork files and would like to rework an existing design you can use ‘Replace image’ to add artwork files you’ve created just for this product.

Design Template

We’ve created a design template to show the safe zones and bleed areas. Aspect ratios (and fulfilment images) are different for both bowl sizes but one base image size will be used for both. Artwork will be cropped on the top and bottom of the large bowl so it’s important to make sure your design fills the whole template and that you keep the most important elements of your design within the safe zones.

Click on the link below to save the design templates as a PNG file. To use the template, open or import the file into your editing software as a separate layer. Create a new layer for your design and adjust the opacity so you can see the template underneath.

If you’re not using the template, the file dimensions are 6496 x 958px

Click here to download the Pet Bowls design template


Positioning Your Design in the Uploader

The super-wide aspect ratio has thrown up some challenges when it comes to adding this product to the uploader. The current uploader has some limitations so we have a couple of suggestions to make the design process easier. The good news is that we’re working on updates to the entire experience to make creating products on Redbubble much easier. More to come on that soon!

You’ll need to pay more attention when positioning your artwork in the uploader. When you adjust the positioning by 1px, that translates to 12px on the fulfilment image (the image sent to print). The preview image is a reliable representation of the final product, but it might take a few adjustments so things look exactly how you want them.

The uploader preview only shows ⅓ of the final product due to the 360 degree nature of the bowl. Once the product is launched you’ll be able to see all of your design in the product previews. In the meantime, if you want to make sure your products look great from all angles, focus on getting everything positioned correctly on the template.

If you normally create a design and then try to fit it to products, we recommend adjusting your design process for Pet Bowls. Start with the template and design with that as your base file. It will make it much easier to position your design in the uploader which will result in higher quality products.

Pet Bowls will be launched to customers in the next couple of weeks so don’t waste any time getting your new product range ready to go. The earlier your shop is ready, the better your chances of being seen in both onsite and offsite searches. We hope Pet Bowls inspire some great design ideas and we can’t wait to see your customers and their furry pals enjoying the new product! 


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