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How to Send a Thank You Message to Your Customers

Here’s a nice, easy task that only takes a minute but can make a great impression on your customers. If you’d like to thank the people who buy from you on Redbubble, there’s a simple way to add a message in your account settings. Head to your artist dashboard and look for “Message to Buyers” in the side menu. You can add a plain text message of up to 160 characters and this will appear next to your profile picture on the post-purchase screen after they check out.

What’s extra lovely is that they can also reply to your message at checkout and leave you a Bubblemail. Unfortunately, due to privacy and GDPR laws we can’t share their contact information, but if they’re logged in as Redbubble members, you’ll be able to reply to them via Bubblemail.

We’ve seen some great examples of artists getting creative with the Message to Buyers. You may want to let your customers know how much the sale means to you, or share a project or passion that their purchase is helping to support. Some artists also include their main social handle in case customers want to follow them.

It’s a nice, easy way to add a personal touch and make a connection with your customers!


Featured image: On The Phone Talking Parrots Pattern designed and sold by rocketandindigo

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