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Using the Bulk Editing Tools to Add and Configure Products

If you’re looking to save time when adding new products, you can use the bulk editing tools to speed up your workflow. The bulk editing tools now let you enable, disable, edit, and configure multiple designs for a product on one page. That means you can scale, reposition, set background colors, apply patterns, and save changes for a selection of images in one place.

The bulk editing tools are currently available for almost all products but unfortunately they’re not yet available for t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, kids clothing, mugs, prints, cards and clocks. You can still enable these products in bulk using the bulk editing tools, but you’ll need to check your product formatting via your shop page and edit them individually.

For everything else, head to Manage portfolio, and with a product in mind, select the works you’d like to add for that product by ticking the check boxes in the top left corner. Once you’ve selected works you’ll see some drop down menus appear.

Click ‘Available on’ then select the product you want to add from the drop down and click ‘Enable’. This is where the magic happens!

You’ll be taken to a page where you’ll see all the images you selected. You can check your product formatting and edit each one individually. You can also replace images, set background colors, and disable and enable individual products from that page. Just make sure you hit save under each work you’ve made changes to.

Once you’re done you just need to wait a few minutes for your shop to update, then your new products will be available for sale. Easy peasy!


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