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Introducing New Baseball Caps and Dad Hats


UPDATE October 4th, 2021: We’ve added a new white baseball cap. See below for more! 

Back to School shopping season has kicked off and we have two brand new products to help boost your sales; baseball caps and dad hats. Over the past few years, dad hats and baseball caps have seen a resurgence in popularity, making the crossover from trend to wardrobe staple. Here’s everything you need to know about the new products, and how to add them to your Redbubble shop.

About Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are one size, they’re only suitable for ages 13+, and they come in five colors – black, white, dark grey, light grey, and navy. They feature a curved bill and a five-panel structured crown with a double-wide front panel. Baseball caps fit a head circumference range of 22″ to 24″ and a height of 6.5″. They have a snapback closure for an adjustable fit and the size adjuster is dyed to match the snapback closure. Your artwork is printed on the front panel.

Designed and sold by tarynstype

About Dad Hats

If you’re new to dad hats, they’re the slouchier, less structured cousin of baseball caps. Dad hats are also one size, only suitable for ages 13+, and they come in five colors – black, white, beige, slate grey, and navy. They feature a five panel unstructured crown and an adjustable closure with a silver finish metal buckle. Dad hats fit a head circumference range of 22″ to 24″ and a height of 6.5″. Your artwork is printed on the double-wide front panel.

Designed and sold by crumbsicle

Adding Baseball Caps and Dad Hats to Your Shop

Baseball caps and dad hats share a tile in the uploader so it’s easy to add them to your shop. To enable an existing design, just scroll down to the tile, check you’re happy with the positioning, tick enable and save changes. If you’d like to customize your design you can use “Replace image” to upload a version just for these products.

You can also set a default color for caps and hats. Your default color will show up in your shop and in search. If a customer uses search filters to view another color, we’ll show the design on that color instead.


Design Tips

The image dimensions for both products are 2040 x 1140 px @300 DPI
Image type = png
Aspect ratio = landscape

It’s always worth taking time to make sure your products are designed and formatted well so your customers will be happy with them. When designing for baseball caps and dad hats, avoid filling the whole print area so you have a solid rectangle. There are always exceptions to the rule but generally speaking, organic shapes with some areas of transparency will look better on these products. We’d advise avoiding areas of partial transparency or transparent gradients if you can. They can be a little tricky and the printing process can produce mixed results. Due to the printing process, we would also recommend avoiding designs with very fine lines as these will be challenging to print with accuracy.

Consider the color of the caps when you’re choosing color palettes for designs. If you want to check how your design looks on the caps, you can create a background layer and drop the background colors in while you’re designing. The hex codes are below.

Baseball Caps
Black: #000000
White: #FFFFFF
Dark Grey: #777A77
Light Grey: #B7B4B8
Navy: #161D36

Dad Hats 
Black: #000000
White: #FFFDF5
Beige: #E3DDCC
Slate Grey: #4C5361
Navy: #1A2336

Designed and sold by michelledraws

Designed and sold by Fairydrop

Designed and sold by Dan Elijah Fajardo

Customer Insights and Marketing Tips

It’s important to think about your target customers when creating new products. Baseball caps and dad hats appeal to a range of ages but they’re particularly popular with Gen Z customers in their mid teens to early 20s. To understand this audience a little better, it’s a great idea to do some research into Gen Z to find out what they’re into and what’s important to them. Some of the most successful artists on Redbubble have a talent for taking current themes, trends, or colors and blending them with their own art style.

Search Google for “Gen Z style”, “Gen Z trends”, or “Gen Z colors” to get started. And check out platforms like TikTok if you haven’t already. Some of this year’s trends include:

  • 00s and 90s nostalgia – e.g. Y2K aesthetic, cow print, checkerboard
  • Psychedelic 60s and 70s retro designs
  • Fairycore, cottagecore, and goblincore – e.g. mushrooms, frogs, gingham
  • Plants, nature, travel, outdoors
  • Books, study and the dark academia aesthetic
  • Vibrant colors, pinks, lilac, yellow, sage green, and natural, earthy tones

Many customers on Redbubble are shopping for gifts so also think about parents who will be buying for Gen Z during Back to School and holidays. This is especially important when it comes to tags and titles. Consider how both generations are shopping and browsing, and how you can make sure you’re showing up in relevant searches. It’s also important when you promote your new products. For example, if your Instagram followers are more likely to be parents of Gen Z teens you might position your products as great Back to School gifts.

Designed and sold by mm-mina and KuuraKoskinen

Cross-Selling Opportunities

Apparel products have always been super popular and baseball caps and dad hats are designed to widen the range and give artists more opportunities to cross-sell or market products together. If someone loves your designs on t-shirts, they’ll also love your hats and caps.

One way to increase selling opportunities is to start thinking about how your products work together as a range. Customers don’t necessarily want one design on three or four products, but if they love your style you can give them more options by designing products that complement each other. Next time you’re in a department store, or looking at a clothing brand with a strong visual style on Instagram, pay attention to how they do this.

It might be the use of a consistent and complementary color palette, or taking design elements from one design and incorporating them across a range of products. Consider creating a series of new designs in a similar style, based on a theme to increase cross-selling opportunities.

There are many opportunities to increase sales in the second half of the year and in the lead up to holidays. Back to School is a big shopping occasion and customers will be thinking about refreshing their wardrobes as we head into Fall. Now is the perfect time time to add new products to your shop and let your customers know about them. We hope baseball caps and dad hats inspire you to create some amazing new products!  


Designs featured in the blog header image designed and sold by Emjay Doodles and The Love Shop
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