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Self Promotion | Our 7 Best Tips

Whether you’re a brand new creator or a seasoned artist selling on Redbubble, improving your self-promotional skills gets more important every day. More eyes on your work means more sales – but how do you make sure potential customers are seeing your work?

Here are our 7 best tips for upping your self-promo game:

1. Put Your Shop Link Everywhere!

Add it to your link-in-bio, social media profiles, even in photo captions for easy access. You can grab your personalized shop link at the top of your Dashboard, which also helps you track where your audience traffic is coming from. More details on your personalized shop link are in this blog post.

2. Understand Your Social Media Audience

Visual platforms are often the most effective to share art – think Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, and even Facebook. But also consider where you have the most engagement, too – maybe you’re a regular on Twitch streams and Discord chats, or you’re part of artist Facebook groups. Your community, along with your followers, want to know how to support you! And knowing who you’re talking to will help you craft just the right message to share your shop.

3. Use Hashtags Effectively

It can be tough to figure out what #hashtags to add to your posts, but it’s important to include several relevant tags so that potential customers can find you! (Sound familiar?)
Check out accounts you admire to see what hashtags they’re using! Popular blogs and accounts may also run contests and repost art that they like, which could put a ton of new eyes on you. We have more tips on hashtags & captions here. (Psst – make sure your Art profiles are public and your work can be shared!)

4. Try Out Trends and Challenges

Many artists who are active on social media are familiar with Inktober – a month-long art challenge created by Jake Parker to create an ink drawing every day in October and post it online. And there are plenty more like it! Plus, as TikTok and Instagram Reels continue to rise in popularity, more artists are posting work-in-progress or #wip videos set to whatever audio is trending. Trying out these trends can help you connect with fellow artists and potential customers by making your unique version of whatever the prompt is. Can’t find a challenge you like? Host one of your own!

5. Post During Sales

When Redbubble runs a sale, we see a big increase in traffic to the site. And a lowered price point could be the motivation for a customer to finally click ‘Order’ on the design they’ve had their eye on. So make sure to remind your followers when your shop is on sale! Use our Direct Sharing Images to share quality images of your products. If you’re comfortable in Photoshop, try out these mockup templates to feature your design on a model or product.

6. Find Your Fans

If you don’t have a large following on social media, you may need to seek out your potential fans in other places. Look for Reddit threads dedicated to your style of artwork, find Facebook groups, or connect to blogs like TeeHunter.com and MichaelEssek.com who focus exclusively on t-shirt designs.

7. Analyze What Works – Then Repeat

With the assistance of a few online tools, you can discover things like which of your social media posts are getting the most attention and how people are finding your shop! Find specifics on your Redbubble shop traffic via your Dashboard – you can learn more about that here. Check out this blog for a ton of info on Instagram stories analytics. And of course, you can set up Google Analytics to understand the performance of your promotion efforts and products.

Still need a little more? Check out this blog with ideas for what to put in all the posts you’re planning on now!


Featured image: 1950s Houseplants designed and sold by lizsawyerdesign

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