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The remarkable 2020 is drawing to a close. We have all been changed by this year. We have lived through anxiety and lockdowns. We have drawn closer to each other even as we have been further apart. Throughout it all the artists on Redbubble have continued to inspire and nourish us all. Thank you from all of us to all of you.

We have all shared in suffering. Our thoughts and prayers are for all who have been sick, for those who have lost loved ones, and for all who have lost jobs and opportunities. Nobody has not been touched and we are deeply grateful that the artists on Redbubble have been so active during the hardest of times.

For me, and for so many, in the depth of lockdown the joy was to receive that little package from Redbubble. As I opened my first parcel of Redbubble masks there was a flicker of light.The dreary-but-necessary became the creative-and-lovely. We are not machines. Life is never just functional, and without the creativity which you bring into the world, it simply is mundane.

Over 2020, thousands of more artists have joined Redbubble and TeePublic, and those who have been with us for many years have become more active. The companies that fulfill and ship Redbubble orders all over the world continue to operate. Important jobs and income continued to flow at times when many other parts of the economy were stopped.

And as I look towards 2021 I see a year of promise. Redbubble and TeePublic are now over twice the size that they were just 12 months ago. Millions of customers have realised that there is so much more that is possible from a mug, t-shirt, throw pillow, or any of the 100+ products available in the marketplaces. Our job over the coming years is going to be to ensure that the customers we have reached continue to come back and that what they have discovered is ever more widely shared. What is now being called the “passion economy” is just beginning and Redbubble, TeePublic, and the artists who drive these marketplaces are at the very heart of it.

And for me, this is also a farewell post. I came back into Redbubble as interim CEO in February and have been privileged to have served during these turbulent times. A new CEO, Michael Ilczynski, will be taking over in January. I will remain on the Board and will forever celebrate the joy of the art.

Martin Hosking, Redbubble Co-founder and Interim CEO


Header Image: Bibliophile | Designed and sold by Gabi Toma

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