Artist Well-Being

Goodbye And Good Luck!


After an interesting and insightful 12 months this will be my final blog post for the Artist Well-Being space. The aim from the start was to help create a space where us artists could reflect on the various issues that we face and share battle stories/advice on how to approach things in different ways.

I’ve had the chance to connect with some really amazing artists over the last 12 months to discuss artist mental health and the things that could potentially be done to help each other feel more supported and connected.

I’ve also had the amazing opportunity to work alongside many people who have put so much genuine thought and care into the artist experience at Redbubble. I know the internet has a tendency to focus on the negatives, but if you all knew how much work these people do, and the energy and passion that they bring with them to the job, you’d be blown away.

Throughout this time I’ve also had the chance to connect with people around the world who are working in the realm of artist mental health and well-being. It’s such an important area that needs more support and consideration and it’s amazing to see that happening in so many different ways around the world.

And as for me, well I’ll be continuing to work in the area of artist mental health myself, and will also be returning to having much more time at the drawing table which is exciting (in the immediate future I’m signed on for a boardgame project, some film related art books, and getting back to work on my own comic projects). If you’d like to keep an eye on any of that you can find me at MATTHEWDUNART.COM and in most corners of the internet by searching for matthewdunnart. If you’d like to see the comics and how they’re developed you can check me out at PATREON (where I’ll also be doing a lot more writing on the topic of artist mental health and talking with different artists on the topic).

2020 has been a challenging year but we’re all still here and still making art in spite of all the chaos.

Keep it up, and keep on taking care of yourself and others.


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Jen Durant

Redbubble Artist Relationship Manager