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December Yearly Artist Payment

We’re moving the yearly artist payment to December this year. Before we run through when you’ll be paid and how to check your payment details, let’s start with a quick recap on the payment threshold.

How the Payment Threshold Works

Artists whose earnings have reached $20 are paid on the 15th of every month. If your earnings haven’t reached the payment threshold, they accumulate until you reach $20 and you’re paid in the following payment cycle. In January each year we pay all artists who have earned over $2.

What’s Different This Year?

We know this year has been challenging for many people so we’re moving the yearly artist payment to December to give you a little extra cash for the holidays. We’ll start processing payments on the 15th of December, but due to the high volume it could take 2-3 days for all payments to get processed.

How to Check Your Payment Details

We want to make sure we can pay you so please take a couple of minutes to check your payment details. This is especially important if you haven’t been paid in a while. If your details are incorrect, the payment fails, and your earnings remain under the threshold, we won’t be able to re-run your payment until the next yearly payment in January 2022. You’ll find edit payment details in your account settings. Our help center article guides you through the steps to verify your PayPal or bank account in more detail.

Once you’ve confirmed your details are correct, you’re all set. You can focus on getting ready for holidays or planning how you’ll be promoting your shop.  If you have any other questions about getting paid, visit the Redbubble Help Center for more information. 

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