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A Final Checklist for Holidays

The holiday shopping season is looking very different this year. Although holiday sales have kicked off earlier than usual, it’s never too late to spend time updating your shop. If you’re stretched for time or not sure what to focus on first here’s a list of tips that can help boost your sales.

Upload Your Latest Designs

If you have any new designs that have yet to see the light of day, there’s still time to add them to your Redbubble shop and let your fans know via your social channels. New content gives your followers a reason to revisit your shop and can help you reach new audiences. If you’re looking for inspiration, see our trending themes for 2020 holidays.

Enable New Products

We’re expecting some of the newer products like masks, aprons, jigsaw puzzles and pins will be popular this year, so make sure you’re offering them for sale in your shop. Focus on enabling your best selling designs first. Here are the products we’re predicting will be popular for 2020 holidays.

Review Your Tags and Titles

Good tagging helps potential customers find your work. It’s worth giving your tags a once over and adding any keywords you may have missed. Check out these tagging tips to get started.

Add Your Shop Link to Social Media Profiles

The best thing you can do to increase your chances of making sales is to add your shop link to your social profiles and share it with your fans and followers. You can find your unique link at the top of the Artist Dashboard. You want to create a seamless experience between social and shop so your fans can easily engage with and purchase your art. It’s also worth double checking any existing the shop links on your website, blog, or social profiles are working.

Check Your Payment Details

Speaking of things you want to double check, let’s talk about money. We want to make sure we can pay you so please check your payment details are up to date. Head to your Artist Dashboard then “Edit Payment Details” to confirm everything is working correctly.

Update Your Bio and Cover Images

It’s a nice change of pace to rearrange the furniture in the house once in a while. Luckily, it takes far less labor to refresh or add new branding to your Redbubble profile. Consider updating your cover image or bio with new content to keep things fresh. You can find these under Account Settings on your Artist Dashboard.

Download Promotional Images

You can access images for each product via Manage portfolio. Scroll to your artwork, click on the cog, and click on Promote to navigate to the page. Then you can download your product images ahead of time to make your holiday marketing quick and easy.

That’s it! Now have a cuppa, breathe, and congratulate yourself for being on top of things. With your Holiday Checklist completed, you’ve made a clear path for your shoppers to grab your art. Have you completed the checklist? Let us know in the comments!


Header image: Christmas: A Little UFO | Designed and sold by artofmiya

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