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Introducing New Fitted Masks

Back in April we launched masks on Redbubble. Since then we’ve been listening to artist and customer feedback and working on adding more mask options. In September we launched a smaller mask for kids and we’re excited to announce we’ve just added new fitted masks. Read on for product info, design templates, and details on how to add them to your Redbubble shop.

About Fitted Masks

Fitted masks have one outer layer of soft brushed polyester and two inner layers of 100% cotton. Your design is printed on the outer polyester layer. They come in two sizes – regular for adults and small for 13+ years. Fitted masks have bead toggles on the ear loop straps so the wearer can easily adjust the fit. They also come with a glasses-friendly nose wire for a snug fit over the nose, and darts to cover the chin and face securely. They can be machine washed and tumble dried after each use.

Fitted masks are for ages 13+ only. Cloth masks are not designed for medical use, or as personal protective equipment against coronavirus (COVID-19). 

How to Add Fitted Masks to Your Shop

Fitted Masks have their own uploader tile so it’s easy to add them to your shop. Just scroll down to the tile, check you’re happy with the positioning of your artwork, tick enable. If you’d like to customize your design you can use ‘Replace image’ to upload a version just for this product.

Design Template and Tips

We’ve created a design template to give you more control and help you place elements on specific parts of the product. Your design should fill the whole template, and make sure the most important parts of your design are within the safe zone.

Right-click on the image below and select ‘save as’ to save the fitted mask template as a PNG. To use the template, open or import the file into your editing software as a separate layer. Create a new layer for your design and adjust the opacity so you can see the template underneath.

When you’re designing fitted masks the most important thing to consider is the darts for the nose and chin. Those areas will be sewn together to fit the face more snugly so any design details that cover that part of the template won’t be visible on the finished product.

The examples below show how you can place your design elements. You can choose to avoid the dart areas altogether or position elements on either side of the dart so they’re aligned on the finished product.

We’re expecting the holiday season to kick off a little earlier this year so now is a great time to add new fitted masks to your shop. Don’t forget to check your tags to help customers discover your products in Redbubble’s search. And if you’ve been working on any new designs, we’d love to see them in the comments below.



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