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Introducing New Backpacks and Duffle Bags

EDIT: We’ve just launched Backpacks and Duffle Bags. Read on for product info, design templates, and details on how to add them to your Redbubble shop. 

We’re getting ready to launch Backpacks and Duffle Bags. Customers won’t be able to purchase them yet, but they’re in the uploader now so you can add them to your shop before they launch. Below you’ll find product details, design templates and all the information you need to get your shop ready.

Duffle bags & Backpacks | Designed and sold by ninoladesign, Tabitha Bianca, Selma Cardoso, Anne Tji, Cristina Jucan, and Steve Swade


About Backpacks and Duffle Bags

Backpacks are made from durable 100% polyester fabric and feature a sublimation print. They have adjustable shoulder straps with shoulder pads, and a laminated lining. They come with an internal laptop pocket and an exterior mesh side pocket.

Duffle bags are made from rugged 100% polyester with a removable padded strap, internal and external pockets, and a laminated black lining. They feature a vibrant sublimation print and are available in two sizes.

Designed and sold by ShowMeMars and Rob Colvin


Adding Backpacks and Duffle Bags to Your Shop

Backpacks and Duffle Bags have their own tiles in the uploader so adding them to your shop is super easy. Just scroll down to the tile, check you’re happy with the positioning of your artwork and tick enable. If you’d like to customize your design you can use ‘Replace image’ to upload a file just for these products.

File dimensions are:
Backpacks: 4575 x 3900 px
Duffle Bags: 4050 x 7800 px

Design Templates

Backpacks and Duffle Bags have multiple panels so we’ve created templates showing the panels, safe zones and bleed areas. These templates are designed to give you more control and help you place elements on specific parts of the products. Make sure your design fills the whole template and keep the most important parts of your design within the safe zones.

Right click to save the design templates as PNG files. To use the templates, open or import the files into your editing software as a separate layer. Create a new layer for your design and adjust the opacity so you can see the template underneath.

Duffle Bag Template

Backpack Template

We’re launching our latest products just in time for Summer, so now is a great time to add any new designs you’ve been working on. And while you’re adding your designs, don’t forget to check your tags to make sure people can find your products in Redbubble’s search. For more hints and tips, read our posts on The Art of Tagging and Making Art With Products in Mind.


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