Introducing Redbubble’s New Protect Tools

One of the most frustrating struggles artists face is art theft. Some of you spend a huge amount of time dealing with your work being stolen. It’s disheartening, and it has the ability to sap your energy and reduce your creativity. It’s a downside to offering your work for sale or sharing it online, and a problem that’s becoming more and more complex.

As part of our mission to support artists, we set out to find solutions to reduce the burden and make it easier to detect and handle art theft. We’ve been working on developing some new tools and we’re ready to start rolling them out to our most valued and trusted artists.

We’ve chosen you to be part of the first group of artists to test out the new tools as we develop them.

How do I access the new tools?

Head to your Dashboard and you’ll see a new tab called “Protect Your Work”. Scroll down past the Image Protection settings and you’ll find two new tools.

How do I use the new tools?

Detect copies on Redbubble

This tool helps you detect copies of your work on Redbubble by checking your designs against our entire database of images. This applies to any works that are public, and excludes any private works. At the moment the search will automatically run each time you visit the “Protect Your Work” page. We are continuing to evolve the search but it’s currently set up to detect exact matches.

Generate a copyright notice

This tool helps you generate a copyright notice to request a takedown. It contains all the information most sites require and is designed to make the process much quicker and easier for artists to manage.

You can use this takedown notice to notify us of any works you find on Redbubble (just send it to legal@redbubble.com), or you can use it to generate a notice to send to other sites.

Once you’ve filled out all the information and clicked “Generate Notice”, you’ll see a prompt to copy the text to your clipboard so you can easily paste the text into email. We’re working on making it easier to send from within the tool, so this is just the first step.

How can I send you questions or feedback?

Once you’ve taken the new tools for a test run, we’d love to hear what you think. Click here to fill out our feedback survey.


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