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Artist Shop Updates: Explore Designs and a New Artwork Page

We’ve released the next round of new features in your Artist Shop – Explore designs and a new Artwork page. Before we run through the new features, we’d like to thank everyone who shared feedback after the last updates. We want you to know that although we’re not able to respond to all the comments, the team reviews and discusses all the feedback you share and we take it into consideration as we plan what’s next.

We’d also like to acknowledge that so much has changed in the past few weeks. We’re all facing unprecedented challenges and uncertain times, as our CEO, Martin Hosking wrote about recently. More than ever, it’s vital that we’re doing the best job we can to support your livelihood as artists, and we know it’s even more important for you to have a shop that performs well.

Recap: Our Vision for Artist Shops

During 2019, we spoke to thousands of artists and customers through interviews, surveys and user testing sessions to help shape our vision for Artist Shops.

Artists told us they want a shop that reflects their personal brand and makes their artwork attractive to potential customers – A shop they can be proud of. Customers need a less complicated shopping experience that’s easy to navigate and designed well for mobile.

We took this feedback and have been creating a more streamlined Artist Shop experience that does the best possible job of meeting the key needs of both Artists and Customers.

What We’ve Updated So Far

In the first phase, we merged Portfolio, Shop and Profile into a simplified experience. We knew that the previous Shop page had a significantly higher conversion rate than Portfolio and Profile, so we kept your products front and center.

We added a new Bio section that’s cleaner and better optimized for SEO, and we brought the Collections and Featured Collections across so they’re more closely integrated into the shopping experience. We added more filters to make the shopping experience much easier, especially on mobile.


Brumhaus’s Artist Shop


We had a lot of feedback about the products displayed and the sort order. If you’d like control over the product image for each artwork, you can choose a default product and this will display the artwork on a product of your choice on the Shop page. We’ve written a how-to guide here. If you choose “Optimized”, we’ll use a combination of data science and magic (more data science if we’re honest) to display a product that has a higher chance of selling.

The sort order in the new Shop brings things in to line with the sort order for Redbubble’s search. We have a whole team of people working on the magic formula for the optimal order in which products are displayed. They’re constantly tweaking it based on search trends and buyer behavior. These filters mean your shop is being continuously optimized so you have the best possible chance of selling.

Today’s Update

One piece of feedback that came through strongly after the last update was that you wanted better options to showcase your artwork, so we’ve focused on creating an artwork-first shopping experience where customers can more easily explore your designs.

Explore Designs

Explore Designs is a beautiful feed of your artwork. It shows your most recent work first and fans and customers can easily favorite your artwork to come back to it later. When they click on a work, they’re taken to a new artwork page showing all the available products, and the shopping pathway is much cleaner. For now, you’ll only see 100 of your most recent designs but the rest will be added in the next week.


Salvatore Russolillo’s Explore designs page


We’ve had some questions about adding an option to have “Explore designs” as the default view. We know that pages with products convert significantly higher than pages with artwork only. Customers are more likely to buy when they come via a page with your products so having “Shop products” as a default view in your shop gives you a much greater chance of making more sales.

New Artwork Page

The new Artwork page features a larger version of your artwork, with the full range of available products underneath. Your artwork will have the watermark applied if you’ve enabled it in your account settings. Customers can favorite your work and we’ve added a link so it’s easier to share.


Focus On The Good Stuff | Designed and sold by TheLoveShop



We’ve also had a lot of questions about watermarks so we want to explain how they work on images across the site. You can enable watermarks under your account settings. Once enabled, they are applied to any preview image which is larger than 650px wide or tall. If you don’t see a watermark on your design, that means the preview image you’re viewing is smaller than 650px.


S P A C E | Designed and sold by GDBee


Comments Are Coming (Very) Soon

The new Artwork page will also feature comments. Behind the scenes, this has taken a huge engineering effort (for boring reasons we won’t go into here), but we know how important this feature is. There’s still a little bit of work we need to do, but your customers and fans will be able to leave comments and you will be able to post replies. We’ll be adding comments to the Artwork page later this week.

If you want to delete or report a comment, there will be a link at the bottom of the page to jump to the old comments page for now. We’re also changing the sort order to newest first so you can easily see your latest comments.

We really hope you’re happy with the latest updates to Artist Shops. If you have feedback, thoughts and ideas, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us your thoughts via the feedback widget in your account settings or leave us a comment below. We’ll do our best to reply where we can but please know that we are reading and taking everything on board.

The Artist Team at Redbubble



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