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Say Hello to New Pin Buttons

New product news! We’ve added Pin Buttons to Redbubble. They’re available in the uploader now so you can add your designs to your shop. Below you’ll find product information and the lowdown on how to enable our latest product.

About Pin Buttons

Pin Buttons come in two sizes: Small (1.25″”/32mm) and Large (2.25″”/57mm). They’re made with scratch and UV-resistant Mylar (a super-strong polyester film). This product is for ages 8 and up, due to the sharp, pointy bits.

Adding Pin Buttons to Your Shop

To enable Pin Buttons:

  1. Head to Manage portfolio
  2. Scroll to your design, click on the cog icon and select “Edit”
  3. Scroll down to the Pin Buttons tile and check you’re happy with your design
  4. Tick “Enable” and click “Apply changes”
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save work”

You can also use the bulk enable tool to add our new products (via the Manage portfolio page) now that we’ve launched.

PRO TIP: This product is going to be popular with customers who love stickers. If you have any top selling stickers, we strongly recommend getting those designs up on Pin Buttons to increase your chances of making sales.  

File Dimensions and Customizing Your Design

If you want to create new designs, the file dimensions for Pin Buttons are 1000 x 1000 px. If you’d like to customize a design specifically for the product you can use ‘Replace image’ to upload a file just for Pin Buttons.


Pin Button Design Template

We’ve created a template that shows the edge of the Pin Button and the bleed area. Right click and save the Pin Button Design Template below as a PNG file. To use the template, open or import the file into your editing software as a separate layer. Create a new layer for your design and adjust the opacity so you can see the template underneath.



Now is a great time to add any new designs you’ve been working on. And don’t forget to add around 15 relevant tags to make sure customers can find your Pin Buttons in Redbubble’s search. Good tagging is also essential for increasing your chances of showing up in Google searches. Read our post on The Art of Tagging on Redbubble for more hints and tips. 


Featured designs:

Untitled | Designed and sold by Laura-Rubin
Greyhound flower sun sun yellow | Designed and sold by Windhundart
Biking Sloth | Designed and sold by Miri-Noristudio
Spooks and Skull | Designed and sold by doodlebymeg
Vinyl Record Collection | Designed and sold by daisy-beatrice
Morty | Designed and sold by Aaron Newsome
Flower Skull | Designed and sold by RonanLynam
Carnival Confetti | Designed and sold by designdn
You Go Girl with Florals | Designed and sold by latheandquill
Paradise #redbubble | Designed and sold by mirimo
Herb Witch // Black & White | Designed and sold by nikury



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