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How To Promote Your Officially Licensed Fan Art

If you’re lucky enough to have your fan art masterpiece officially licensed as part of Redbubble’s Partner Program, you may be wondering how you can share and promote your designs. We’ve put together some tips to help you share your work with fans and get more eyeballs on your amazing fan art. If you need an extra nudge to share your work, and you’d like the chance to win a Redbubble voucher, keep reading til the end of the post! 

Can I Promote My Licensed Fan Art?

Once you’ve received an email to say your design has been licensed, we’d love you to share it with the world. This means you can promote your design on social, or share it on your website or blog. Your work has been licensed to sell on Redbubble, so the only thing you can’t do is offer it for sale elsewhere.

We have partnered with TeePublic to share many of the same licensing agreements, so you can submit your design for licensing on their site too. You can check TeePublic’s current brand partnerships to make sure the brand is listed.

Include a Link to Your Design on Redbubble

There’s a list of things you should include in a great social post, but if you’re hoping to drive traffic to your shop and sell your licensed work, a link to the design on Redbubble is the most important thing. It sounds obvious, but when we were looking for examples to feature in this blog, we spotted a lot of posts that didn’t include the artwork or a link to the design.

Use Hashtags to Reach Fans

Hashtags are searchable so they’re one of the most effective ways to reach fans. You can use hashtags on most social platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Research the most popular and relevant tags by searching for posts that are similar to yours. Take a look at the posts with high engagement to see which tags might be popular. Check our Guide to Using Hashtags on Instagram for more tips.

Tag Creators, Actors and Brand Channels

If you have a piece of fan art you’re incredibly proud of, you may want to consider tagging people who are associated with the fandom. We recommend only doing this in cases where actors, creators and brands are actively and enthusiastically engaging with fans. Do some research first. Check how active they are on social and whether they share fan art.

Being genuine and respectful will always help. Don’t tag everyone who has ever worked on the show, asking for a retweet. Think about how your post is presented. Only share your best work and make sure you include a link so people can find your work on Redbubble. And package your post up nicely so it’s easy to re-share.

Post When There’s Activity Related to Your Fandom

If you’re a super-fan you’re probably aware when there are events like new releases, new series, anniversaries, or appearances at Comic Cons. During these events fans will be talking about their fandom on social and actively searching for information online. These are great opportunities to join the conversation, and help your art reach more people. If you want to stay up to date with these kinds of opportunities, you can also set up a Google Alert.

Share Your Licensed Fan Art and Win a Voucher

Nobody’s going to know about your licensed fan art if you keep the news to yourself, so show us how you’re promoting your officially licensed design on your social profile. Tag your post with #rbfanart and comment below with a link to the post. Ten artists will receive a $25 gift voucher. And if you’re looking for more self-promo ideas, check out 10 Ideas for More Engaging Social Media Posts.


Header Image: Psychedelic Maya Borderlands fan art designed and sold by RoboticBiotic


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