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How To Get Featured on Redbubble

We’re privileged to have so many talented artists who choose to sell their work via the Redbubble marketplace. Self promotion is the most effective way to increase your chances of success, but we’re always looking for ways to help artists gain more exposure.

There are many things we do to promote your art, like highlighting artists through PR opportunities, getting your products into Google Shopping feeds, choosing designs for product shoots, featuring your work in email marketing campaigns, working with influencers, and highlighting artists on our social channels. For the past 13 years, we’ve also been featuring artists on different versions of Redbubble’s homepage.

Have you noticed that some artist storefront profiles have a unique “Featured Artist” achievements badge? This is for certain artits who have been featured on the Found Feed. Here are some some tips to help you get noticed and increase your chances of landing that coveted feature.

Designed and sold by Kuura Koskinen and . avvou .

What’s The Found Feed?

The “Found Feed” is a collection of artworks and products that have been featured on Redbubble’s homepage. Over the past couple of years, we’ve added more personalization to the browsing experience on Redbubble. This is so people see more of the things they love on a wider range of designs based on their interests and preferences. The Found Feed has evolved into a discovery feed for new visitors and returning visitors who aren’t signed up as members. If you’re featured, your work will be seen on the logged out, non-member homepage.

Here’s how you can boost your chances of being featured:

Tag Your Work Well

We know we talk about this a lot, but tags are one of the most important things to get right. And it’s mind-boggling how many artists don’t tag their work at all. Make sure your work is tagged well to multiply your chances of being discovered. Aim for about 15 relevant tags and please don’t tag spam. Our search team have implemented a bunch of clever things that mean tag spamming can work against you.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to tagging your work on Redbubble.

Regularly review your tags and keep in mind what’s trending or popular. You might have an older work that ties into a current trend. If everyone’s searching for succulents and you’ve got a great picture tagged ‘cactus’ you may be missing out on some traffic.

Designed and sold by marinaweishaupt and Valerie Rosen

Pay Attention to Product Formatting

We want to feature designs that look great on products. If a couple of your products aren’t perfect, your work may still be featured, but spend some extra time on this and you can vastly improve your chances.

  • Avoid white borders or products where the design is cut off at the edges
  • Think about where you place your design. How will products look when they’re printed?
  • Consider uploading different versions of your artwork for different products
  • Pay special attention to popular products like clothing, phone cases and stickers

Check out our post on Making Art with Products in Mind for more tips.

Brunch | Designed and sold by Sabrina Brugmann aka Elebea 

Offer a Wide Range of Products

You don’t have to make your design available on all 60+ products, but the more you offer, the higher your chances of being featured. There will be times during the year where we’re searching for great designs on particular products. For example, during big campaigns like Back to School we want to showcase popular products like Tapestries, Throw Pillows and Posters. And after a product launch, we’re always keen to feature designs that look great on the new products.

Upload New Work Regularly

We spend quite a bit of time browsing newly added designs, so regularly adding new work to Redbubble will help your chances of being seen. Also think about when you’re adding any work that’s related to holidays, events or occasions. We’re looking at you, people who uploaded amazing Christmas designs in January.

It’s best to add new work no later than 4 weeks before the event or occasion. We need to plan our featuring to allow plenty of time for shipping so if you’re uploading your Valentine’s designs on the 12th of Feb, you may have missed an opportunity.

Designed and sold by Eran Fowler and Scott Partridge

Create Work Based on Trending Themes

We’re always looking for work that appeals to customers, so understanding what’s trending can give you an advantage when it comes to being featured. Keep an eye out for trends that compliment your work, or subjects that you’re passionate about. Think about events people might be shopping for and take a look at Redbubble marketing emails for hints on what we’re promoting. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve also started posting a weekly trending theme on the @redbubbleartists Instagram. Check out these related posts for more ideas:

Fill Out Your Profile

We love promoting artists who are creating original, unique art. The quickest way we (and potential customers) can get a snapshot of you and your creative world is via your Profile:

You can edit this via your account settings under “Bio”. Textile formatting is available (i.e. images, videos, and links) but we strongly advise keeping your bio short and simple to increase the chances of your Redbubble shop appearing higher in online searches. Check out this article on writing a great artist bio.

Tell us about yourself, and link to your social profiles so we can follow you there too.  We’re not just browsing Redbubble – we discover some great artists via social. Using the #redbubbleartists hashtag or tagging @redbubbleartists when you share your work on Instagram can also help us spot your latest designs.

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