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How to Choose a Default Product View for Your Artwork

If you’d like to choose which product your artwork appears on in your Artist Shop, you can select a default product view in the uploader. We’ve put together a quick guide on how to set a default product view for individual products, and how to use the bulk uploader to change the default for multiple products.

Choosing a Default Product View in the Uploader

  • Go to Manage Portfolio
  • Click the cog symbol on the work you want to edit
  • Select Edit
  • Scroll to the bottom of the uploader and you’ll find the Default View setting
  • Select your preferred product
  • Save changes

Bulk Editing Default Products

  • Go to Manage Portfolio
  • Select the products you’d like to edit by ticking the boxes on the thumbnails
  • Click “Default Product” and select your product from the menu
  • Click Set as default and your changes will be saved


For more advice and tips on things like managing your account, designing for products, or getting featured, visit the Shop Talk section on the blog or have a browse through the articles and FAQs on Redbubble’s Help Center.


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