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How Events and Holidays Can Help You Connect with Fans

Humans get excited about a wide variety of special occasions and events. Whether it’s the World Series, Lunar New Year, or Ruth Bader Ginsburg simply being alive — extraordinary moments energize people. And all it takes is a little forward planning to be ready for that stadium wave. Popular events are a plentiful source of inspiration and a great way to connect with fans. Here are a few examples to get you inspired.


Between Cupid, Krampus, and the Leprechauns, you have a LOT of imagination to work with. Plan far enough in advance to create your holiday-inspired pieces, upload them to your shop, and promote on social media. You want to give fans plenty of time to find and purchase your work before their favorite holiday.

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Notable Anniversaries

Notable anniversaries generate conversation and bring people together because they remind us of our common humanity. Use these occasions to honor someone or something that influences you. Maybe that’s Neil Armstrong bouncing around on the moon, Rosa Parks saying “Nah,” to racism and bigotry, or Greta Thunberg leaving school to help save the planet. Give kudos to the trail blazers that most inspire you.

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Celebration Months

Month-long celebrations like Black History Month, National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and LGBTQ+ Pride are a great opportunity to reach new audiences and bring your art into the conversation. The art you make to lift up your community — or celebrate others —  is important, because it contributes to the ongoing legacy and visibility of your movement. That’s worth celebrating!

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Awareness Days

Tap into causes you care about. The awareness days database hosts a calendar of major events happening globally throughout the year. The event categories cover health, food, animals, education, environment, family, and finance. Find your thing and make art that makes a difference. Added bonus, you can resurface and highlight your work each year when that awareness day comes back around.

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Fun Parodic Holidays

As an artist you can have a field day with parodic holidays because there’s a little something for everyone. National Talk Like a Pirate Day, National Puppy Day — obviously the happiest day of the year — Festivus, Bike to Work Day, and Random Acts of Kindness Day are just a few examples of light-hearted inspiration available to you. Batten down the hatches matey, art-ho ahead!

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If you’re not already off to the races with plans for your next event-inspired piece of work, check out these sources for more ideas: Google trends, minor secular observances, month-long observances, health awareness days, and the end-all-be-all Wikipedia list of lists. What’s your favorite event or holiday? Share your event-inspired work in the comments.


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