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RB Group to Make Donations in Response to Australian Bushfires

In recent weeks, bushfires across Australia have had significant impacts on people, communities, and wildlife, causing disruption and destruction to habitat, homes and businesses. As a company founded in Australia with dedicated artists, partners and many customers here, the devastation is very close to home.

The global artist community on Redbubble and TeePublic has responded with an outpouring of creative works and RB Group has made the decision to donate all profits from any works related to the fires. These donations will be a meaningful value and an opportunity for all of us in the community to show our support for the relief and recovery efforts.

We have decided to support Zoos Victoria’s efforts to help wildlife and are considering an additional not-for-profit grant. The donation will be formally announced in the coming months as we have done for prior global tragedies.

RB Group employees are also supporting relief and recovery efforts and the company is making a contribution along side.

We want to reiterate our commitment – as a company and a community – to supporting climate action now including reducing our own carbon footprint and engaging in the process in Australia and around the world on embracing a sustainable future.

There is much to do in helping the immediate recovery and as a common humanity, we need to act to avert future devastation to our home, Earth.


EDIT: 18 Jan 2020 

Thanks to everyone who left questions in the comments. Artists don’t need to opt in with a specific hashtag for their works to be included in the donation but you can use related tags like “australian” and “bushfires” if you haven’t already. We’re reviewing all works with relevant keywords and checking designs to make sure the work is related.

A state of emergency was declared in Australia on November 11th, 2019, so all related artworks created on or after this date are automatically included in our donation. 3 months is the standard period we let sales run for Major Global Events, so artists can participate up until February 10th. At that point, we’ll consider a possible extension.


Header image: Koala In Eucalyptus Euphoria | Designed and sold by Kalokurtz

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