We’ve Upgraded Artist Shop Pages in Time for Black Friday

We’ve been working on some exciting improvements to Artist Shop pages, to help you sell more over the holidays. We’re rolling this out to a smaller group of artists to start with. If you received our email or spotted a pop up notification on Redbubble then get your party suit on. You’ve been chosen for early access. If you don’t have the new shop pages yet, we’ll be rolling them out to more artists soon so hang tight! 

Updates include a cleaner layout that shows off your personal brand and makes it easier for your customers to browse and purchase, a design that works much better on mobile, and better filtering and product views. The new Artist Shop pages are also better optimized for search engines. These changes are aimed at increasing traffic to your shop and improving conversion, which will help you make more 💰 through the holidays.

What’s Changed?

Updates have been made to your Shop page. You can find the link on your Profile page, or at www.redbubble.com/people/username/shop. Your Unique Shop Link also now links to your Shop page. You can find this at the top of the Artist Dashboard.

The best thing you can do to increase your chances of making sales is to add this link to your social profiles and share it with your fans and followers.

A Better Shopping Experience

We’ve tidied up the layout so your products are the main focus. Customers don’t have to scroll as much to see what you have to offer, and there’s less to distract them from browsing and purchasing. Product images are larger on mobile and customers can choose to view products as a grid or as larger images. If they want to learn more about you, they can easily see how to navigate to your profile.

Old Artist Shop pages (left) and new Artist Shop pages (right)

More Filtering Options

Filters have been updated so they’re consistent with the rest of Redbubble. That means there are many more filtering options on the new Artist Shop page. Customers can use the filters to see your latest works or best sellers, view by product category, or choose things like t-shirt style, colors and size and fit. There’s also a new option for customers to view by product or artwork.

Add to Favorites

Customers can now add your products to their favorites directly from the Artist Shop page. If one of your designs catches their eye, it’s now super easy for them to save it for later while they’re browsing.

Products on the new Artist Shop page show the public price rather than the base price (without your margin) if you’re looking at your own shop. This is a small change but worth mentioning in case it causes any confusion.

And lastly, as the Shop page performs much better than Profile and Portfolio (more on this below), we’ll be linking to them from some of our busiest pages. For example, the username links on product pages will now send customers to your Shop page.

Designs by fernandaschalle, TokyoLuv and HYEMINA


Why the Shop page and not Profile or Portfolio?

We started by taking a detailed look at the performance of all three pages, and how customers are browsing and buying from them. Artist Shop pages were already performing better than Profile and Portfolio. This means that if a customer visits your Artist Shop page, they’re more likely to find what they want, add it to their cart and complete their order.

By making some updates, we knew we could vastly improve how well these pages are working for artists. We also knew we could make these changes in time for Black Friday sales and holidays. We know there’s a lot we can do to make your Redbubble shop even more awesome, so think of this as a first step. We’re planning more exciting things for 2020.

Can I Opt Out?

These updates have been made as we saw a huge opportunity to help you sell more over holidays. We hope you feel confident about the changes, but if you’re feeling hesitant, we also want to give you control over how you manage your shop going into the holiday season.

We’re super confident that the new Shop pages are going to perform much better for artists, and lead to many more sales, but if you want to revert back to the old layout, you can find an option in your account settings. Please be aware that this is a temporary opt out option, just for the holidays.

Designs by leafinucci, puuung1, and Kelpls


We’re excited to launch these updates before holiday shopping starts to ramp up over the next few weeks. We think they’ll give a huge boost to your shops and help you to have greater success over holidays. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback, so let us know what you think of the Artist Shop page updates in the comments below.


*EDIT: A HUGE thank you to everyone who has left comments so far. They’re very much appreciated and we’re reviewing them all and taking your feedback on board. Thanks also to those who flagged the filtering bug. This has now been fixed. And for those who left feedback on Collections, we’ll be working on this soon and plan to add them to the new shop experience early in the new year.

Looking at some early numbers for the new Artist Shop pages, we’re seeing a significantly higher conversion rate compared to the previous version so we hope you’ll share them over the coming weeks. We’re confident they’re going to help you have a more successful holidays.



Blog header image: Tokyo Flower Shop by David Kennett

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