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Sell Your Officially Licensed Amazing World of Gumball Fan Art on Redbubble

What the what?! We’ve partnered with Cartoon Network so you can create and sell officially licensed The Amazing World of Gumball fan art on Redbubble. Think of it as your very own Awesome store, minus the creepy van. All Hail MYBUTT!

Designs by Garnet26, Lee W.M. and spookdoodles


Recap: What is the Redbubble Partner Program?

Redbubble’s Partner Program means you can have your fan art officially licensed. Once your work has been reviewed, you can sell your designs on Redbubble without having to worry about future takedowns. If you’re unfamiliar with the Partner Program, read these links first:

The Amazing World of Gumball Guidelines

To give your work the best chance of being licensed, take some time to read the brand guidelines. There are a few things to avoid and some details to keep in mind. We’ve highlighted some key guidelines below but make sure you’ve checked all the details before you start creating. Be fun, creative, and original with your fan art. Would the Awesome Store sell it?

  • Watch episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball to get inspiration!
  • Try out various art styles, there’s no shortage of Gumball mixed media to choose from.
  • Leave the logo as-is if you’re incorporating it into your design. Altered logos will unfortunately not be approved. Download the logo here.
  • Be sure to add ™ to the show name if you’re including it in your design.
  • Don’t use any 3rd party content or ideas, including mash-ups of The Amazing World of Gumball with other properties.
Designs by AlyMerchandise, Mya Mitchell and pixenoides


How to Submit Your Work

Tagging your work with “The Amazing World of Gumball” and “TheAmazingWorldofGumball” will automatically add it to the review queue. You may see a notification that your work is temporarily suspended, pending review. We’ll let you know as soon as your work has been reviewed.

When you’re uploading your work, don’t forget to include The Amazing World of Gumball in the title to help your work rank higher in the search results. And make your titles as descriptive as possible. For example, “The Amazing World of Gumball – Mr. Kreese’s Sweaters ” or “The Amazing World of Gumball – Banana Joe Backflips”.

When you’re tagging your work, don’t forget to add any other relevant tags, for example:

Characters: Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Nicole, Richard, Rob, Penny, Carrie, Granny Jojo
Places: Junior High, Carrie’s House, The Wattersons’ House, Elmore Mall, the Void, Museum, Gas Station, Dump’s Cave, Stomach Destroyer, Forest of Doom, Chanax Inc.
Objects: Dodj or Daar, Game Child, Universal Remote, Daisy the Donkey, Magic Notebook

Best practice for tagging on Redbubble is to aim for around 15 relevant keywords. Check out our post on The Art of Tagging for more tips.

Designs by iruexposito, kawaiicallie and asyleart


Design Inspiration and Resources

Creativity is limitless in the world of The Amazing World of Gumball. Each of the characters are designed, filmed, and animated using different techniques and styles. In lieu of format uniformity, Gumball is a beautiful multimedia melting pot.

They use traditional animation, puppetry, CGI, stop motion, flash animation, and live action. Yeah, all in one TV show! It’s as fascinating and confusing as that time the fabric of the universe was ripped open by MYBUTT. Check out the links below for more inspiration.

The Brilliance Behind The Amazing World of Gumball | Comicsverse
Be Amazed By The Amazing World of Gumball | Wired
The Amazing World of Gumball: Why You Should Be Watching | TVOM
Gumball Begins Reign of Color | Animation Magazine

Behind The Scenes: The Amazing World of Gumball Animation Process

Are you a Gumball fan? Do you have a favorite character, media form, or one liner? Let us know in the comments below. And we’ll be adding more exciting brands to our Partner Program soon. Keep an eye on our Current Partnerships page for the latest.


Featured Blog Header Image: Gumball and Darwin by LeniProduction 

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