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Steven Universe The Movie will be premiering on Cartoon Network on Monday, Sept. 2 at 6:00pm ET/PT. We’ve fast forwarded two years from season 5’s finale, “Change Your Mind” and Steven is now a teenager – with a neck! He is settling into a harmonious and happy life in Beach City, but Steven and the Gems are about to face a new adversary, and their biggest challenge yet.

We’ve partnered with Cartoon Network so you can create and sell Steven Universe fan art on Redbubble, and that includes all the amazing art you’ll be inspired to create once you’ve watched this new musical masterpiece. To get ready for the movie premiere, check out the Steven Universe The Movie trailer here.

Steven Universe The Movie Trailer (2019)

Recap: What is the Redbubble Partner Program?

Redbubble’s Partner Program is an ongoing program to allow fan artists to create new, officially licensed works and post them safely on Redbubble, without fear of future takedowns. If you’re unfamiliar with the Partner Program, read these links first:

Steven Universe The Movie Guidelines

To give your work the best chance of being licensed, take some time to read the brand guidelines. There are a few things to avoid and some details to keep in mind. We’ve highlighted some key guidelines below but make sure you’ve checked all the details before you start creating.

  • Feel free to incorporate icons, elements, quotes, sayings and references from the movie
  • Try different styles for characters. We want to see unique designs!
  • Please add a ™ after the show name if you are using it in your artwork
  • Please don’t modify the logo if you’re using it in your design. Recolored, stretched, or modified logos won’t be approved
  • Please don’t use Steven Universe logo font as type for your designs. It should be used for the logo only.

How to Tag and Submit Your Work

Tagging your work with StevenUniverse and Steven Universe will automatically add it to the review queue. You should also add Steven Universe The Movie. When you’re tagging your work, it’s important to add any other relevant tags to make sure you’re not missing out on valuable search traffic from Google, and from customers searching on Redbubble. Best practice for tagging on Redbubble is to aim for around 15 relevant keywords. Check out our post on The Art of Tagging for more tips.

Here are the kinds of tags you can use for Steven Universe:

  • Characters: Steven Universe, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, Connie
  • Quotes and key phrases e.g. Believe in Steven, Made of Love, Stronger Than You
  • Elements and icons: Gems, star, weapons, jacket

Don’t forget to give your work a descriptive title and include descriptive tags like colours.

New Characters, Themes and Inspiration

Rebecca Sugar and the Crewniverse have been tightlipped about revealing too many details around the movie in order to keep it a surprise for fans but there are some details we do know, and a few things that already seem to be popular with fans and fan artists alike.

Steven’s new look

Steven is a few years older and that calls for a new outfit. In the trailer he’s wearing a blue star shirt with a pink jacket, and he has a neck. People have been getting very excited about Steven’s neck with the #stevensneck hashtag appearing on Twitter, and even getting it’s own Twitter handle after the trailer was released at SDCC. There have already been some beautiful examples of fan art featuring Steven rocking his new look, with particular love for that pink jacket.

A new adversary

The trailer reveals a brand new character – an unnamed pink gem who seems to have some history with Steven and the gems. Her appearance has been compared to a retro cartoon character and the trailer suggests that she’s able to stretch and bend her body. Her gem is an inverted heart. We don’t know much more about this new character but that sinister, maniacal laugh and her determination to wipe out Steven and the planet is enough to put us on edge.

Works by anushbanush, Chiara Martinelli, and elentori 


Steven Universe fans create some of the most breathtakingly amazing fan art we’ve seen on Redbubble. We’re so excited for Steven Universe The Movie, and we’re just as excited to see the fan art that it will inspire.

If you want to check out what Redbubble artists are creating, we’ll be sharing some new designs on the @redbubbleartists Instagram, and we’re dusting off the old Redbubble Artists Tumblr so we can dive into your designs and reblog some of your work there too. Make sure you tag us on both platforms if you’re creating and sharing new work in the coming week. We can’t wait to see what you create.



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