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Share Your Work Like a Pro With Our New Promotional Tools

We speak to many artists who wish they could sharpen their self promotion skills, so we’ve been working on new tools to make it easier for you to promote your artwork on social platforms. These new tools simplify the process of sharing your work and are designed to help you increase traffic to your shop and boost your chances of making sales.

Why Self Promotion Works

Before we dive in, a reminder of why self promotion is such a key part of marketing your shop. If we look at artists who regularly sell on Redbubble, the ones actively promoting their work on social media and driving traffic to their shops see higher sales as a result. It’s one of the tried and tested and most impactful ways of increasing your sales.

We asked one of our resident Data Scientists, Megan to crunch some numbers for us. How’s this for a truth nugget: Artists referring at least 30 visitors a month (one visitor per day) to their Redbubble shop have a 500% higher chance of selling each month and earn 2,300% more on average than artists that don’t. That’s a lot of percents.


Works by Lettershoppe, Dinomike and Rfad


New Promotional Images

We’d all love to have amazing shots of our products out in the real world. The good news is that you don’t have to purchase a mountain of products or take a course in product photography to achieve this. Visit your Dashboard and you’ll find a new link under Artist Tools called Promotional images. This will take you to a new page with a collection of templates you can download and use to create awesome lifestyle images to share on social.

The templates allow you to place your artwork file into an existing lifestyle image without having to do all the editing magic to make it look realistic. All you need are your artwork files and photo editing software. As the templates rely on the use of Smart Objects, we suggest using Photoshop unless you feel confident enough to use the templates in another image editor that can open psd files.

On the Promotional images page, you’ll find a video tutorial and a link to detailed instructions on how to use the templates.

New Promotional Assets

Gone are the days of clicking around your work page, grabbing screen shots or trying to right click and copy product images to share on social. We’ve put them all on one page, with an easy option to download individual images.

After you upload a work, you’ll be directed to a new page called Promotional assets. This features a collection of product images for all the products you’ve enabled.

You can also access this for each product via your Manage portfolio page. Simply scroll to your chosen work, click on the cog, and click on Promotional Assets to navigate to the page.


Sharing Your Work and Measuring Results

Once you’ve downloaded your promotional asset or created an amazing new lifestyle image using the templates, you’re ready to share on social. If you want to brush up on your sharing skills, we recommend checking out our post on How to Share Your Work and Measure Results.

It covers best practices for writing captions and how to use hashtags effectively, but most importantly, it explains how you can use Redbubble’s asc tracking codes to measure how much traffic you’re sending to your shop. This will help you measure the impact of all your efforts and see which posts are performing the best.

Share Your Work Using the Templates for a Chance to Win a $100 Voucher

Still need a nudge to give it a try? Download a template, create your lifestyle image, share it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with a link to your shop and the hashtag #findyourthing and be in the running to win one of five $100 Redbubble vouchers which you can put towards your self promotion efforts. Use it to buy some products, run a giveaway with your fans – whatever you choose! We’ll pop back in a few days and announce the winners.

And we’d love to hear your thoughts so let us know what you think of the new promotional tools in the comments below.


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