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Marketing Guide: Kids and Toddler Hoodies, and Cotton Tote Bags


We’ve just added three new products to Redbubble – Kids and Toddler Pullover Hoodies, and Cotton Tote Bags. If you missed our post on how to add them to your shop, you can find product information and tips on how to upload our newest products here.

To help you promote Kids Hoodies and Cotton Totes we’ve put together a marketing guide, covering how customers are searching for these products, the kinds of things they’re looking for, and some ideas on how you can promote your new products on social media.

Designs by Huebucket, Lunatic Park and Laorel 


When are customers shopping for Kids Hoodies?

Hoodies are a product that has a seasonal demand. We see a spike in search traffic as the weather turns cooler in the Northern Hemisphere. Here’s a graph from Google Trends showing the search traffic for ‘kids hoodies’ over the past year. You can see the traffic starts to increase at the end of August. There’s a spike a couple of weeks before Halloween then a BIG spike in at the start of December.

Why might they be shopping for Kids Clothing?

  • As part of their Back to School shopping
  • Around holidays like Halloween
  • As holiday gifts for their own kids, or friends and family

Selling points to mention on social 

  • Kids clothes can take a beating so you can mention the quality and durability
  • They have a jersey-lined hood, front pouch pocket, and ribbed cuffs and hem
  • They’re comfortable, warm and cozy
  • They’re made from ethically sourced cotton and cotton rich materials
  • Most importantly, your designs make them completely unique!
  • Find more product info here
Designs by Sophie Corrigan and Teo Zirinis 


When are customers buying Cotton Tote Bags?

Cotton Tote Bags are suitable for all types of customer due to their versatility and price point. They’re a useful accessory all year round. Top search queries are linked to shopping, going to the grocery store, going to the beach and for work. Due to the size and shape, this product is also really useful for school or university kids – so perfect for Back to School!

Cotton Tote Bags perfectly compliment our original totes which we’ve renamed to All Over Print Tote Bags. You may want to consider promoting all the totes as a range to give your customers more options. That would be totes amazing (people still say that, right?).

Why might they be shopping for Cotton Tote Bags?

  • Customers are looking for a good quality, compact, basic carryall tote bag
  • They’re using them to carry shopping, and when they go to work or the beach
  • They’re searching for themselves and for gifts

Selling points to mention

  • Customers are searching for “cotton” so mention they’re made from 100% cotton
  • Customers are also searching with the size in mind e.g. ‘large tote bag’
  • The Cotton style is available in one size and the All Over Print Tote Bags come in S, M and L
  • Cotton Totes are also reusable and environmentally friendly
  • Find more product info here
Design by ninoladesign


How to promote the new products on social media

Once you’ve added these products to your shop, you can use our new Promotional Tools to grab mockup images of your designs on our latest products. You should be directed to a Promotional Assets page with these images when you edit and save changes to your work.

You can also find the assets on the Manage Portfolio page when you click on the wheel icon for any work. If you’re having trouble finding the product images, the second section of this blog post explains how to find and download them.



Social media captions 

If your copywriting skills are a bit rusty, or you’re struggling for inspiration, we’ve whipped up some example Instagram captions. Feel free to use or modify them however you like.

New products klaxon! My designs are now available on Cotton Totes on Redbubble. Check them out via the link in my bio.

Do you have kids? Do you know any kids? Do you want them to be cozy and look awesome this Fall? My designs are now available on Kids and Toddler hoodies. See my bio link for more.

Want to protect your kids from cold winters and make them look 78% more awesome? My designs are now available on Kids and Toddler hoodies on Redbubble. Visit the link in my bio for more.

Instagram post by katbydesign



You can use hashtags on most social platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. As hashtags are searchable, they’re a great way to reach new audiences. When it comes to choosing hashtags, it’s important to keep them specific and relevant. Our tips on Hashtags, Captions and Tracking Links cover best practices in more detail.

Below are some suggested hashtags you can use for your social posts, but the best way to work out which hashtags you should use is to do some searching on your chosen social platform to see what others are using, and which hashtags are popular.

Cotton Tote Bags – #totes #cotton #totebag #cottonbag #reuseablebag #giftideas #beachbags #saynotoplasticbags #grocerybag

Kids and Toddler Hoodies – #kidshoodie #kidsfashion #kids #coolkids #fashionforkids #kidswear #toddlerfashion

Designs by Ashenshop, Carbine and Kelly Gilleran


We’re launching Kids Hoodies and Cotton Totes just in time for Back to School and we’re sure they’re going to be popular products over the next few months. Now’s a great time to add new work and tell your fans. And if you’ve been working on any new designs for these products, we’d love to see them in the comments below!



Blog header image: Cats. Dinosaurs. Unicorn. by Anna Alekseeva

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