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Artist Spotlight | Making Fan Art with Anushbanush

When Redbubble artist Anushbanush isn’t busy creating amazing art, she spends her time as a student in the Philippines, and with some of her favorite loves – movies, cartoons, and playing games. In this interview, she shares how Steven Universe has inspired her art, her favorite Steven Universe character, and some great tips for creating fan art.


How long have you been creating Steven Universe fan art? What first inspired you?
I’ve been making Steven Universe fan art since 2014. Which was around the same time I got my first drawing tablet and started doing digital art! Color was what first inspired me to draw fan art for Steven Universe because I was so drawn to the vibrant palette and lighting.

Are you excited for the Steven Universe movie coming out in September?
Yes! 100%! The last episode really blew my mind away and I can’t wait to see what the movie has in store!

My World

“I start out with watching a movie or show then I get an idea of what I want to draw. After that I start finding references, making palettes then drawing the sketch and finally coloring it.”


Who is your favorite character and why?
My favorite is Pearl! I love her character design from the pastel colors to the different outfits she wears. I also love her personality and the elegance of her movements.

Which piece of Steven Universe fan art are you most proud of? Which is your favorite?
Out of all my fan art, my favorite one is the Pink Diamond one I did with Pearl based on the episode ‘A Single Pale Rose’, My World. I’m really proud of it because I was able to draw a full scenic background and used a color combination that I have never tried before and it turned out great!

The Feels

The View is Beautiful

What are the particular elements or themes from the show you enjoy drawing?
I mostly enjoy how each character’s design is unique with their own body shapes and color palette. Drawing Steven Universe characters help me diversify my style of drawing people. Especially, because I am someone who often tends to fall into ‘same face syndrome’ where I draw characters with the same facial features.

Would you talk us through your process for creating fan art?
Most of my fan art is done after watching the latest episodes that come out. I usually get inspired by the events that unfold in the plot or get amazed by the eye-catching scenery which push me to draw some fan art. 

Rainy Days

Unlikely Trio

Squad Goals

Single Gem in the Big City

“Balancing my time with art, academics, friends and family has been the most challenging…”

Has creating Steven Universe fan art connected you with other fans?
Yes! Posting Steven Universe fan art has let me enter into the community by contributing to the fandom through my work. It has allowed me to discover other artists who create fan art and be able to talk about the show with them. Or at least make their day a little better by complimenting their art. An example is how I was able to discover the amazingly talented Dokirosi through her Steven Universe fan art that I continue to admire to this day!

Do you have any tips for artists creating fan art for the first time?
Draw what inspires you in the show and have some fun! If you want to draw them using the style of the show, go for it! If you want to draw them in your own style, go for it! Let you creativity run wild and enjoy making art that you love from the show that you love!

Hierarchy of Ube


Puppy Bean Beagle



Would you share what are your favorite creative tools are (programs, etc)?
So far I’ve used Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop CS6 but I mostly do my art on Sai because I love how intuitive the format is as well as the lovely brushes.

What has been the most challenging experience you’ve had during your artist journey?
Balancing my time with art, academics, friends and family has been the most the most challenging because I have a lot of ideas that I want to draw but not enough time to do them without sacrificing other aspects of my life.

Stop by Anushbanush’s Redbubble shop to check out more of her incredible designs and let us know in the comments if you’re excited for the new Steven Universe movie! 

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