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How to Add New Water Bottles and Coasters to Your Shop

EDIT: We’ve just launched Water Bottles and Coasters. Read on to find out how to add them to your Redbubble shop. And check out our article on Back to School Design Inspiration for New Coasters and Water Bottles if you’re looking for some seasonal inspiration.

We’ve recently launched Throw Blankets, Glossy and Transparent Stickers, Bath Mats and Shower Curtains. Many people would need a lie down after that effort, but not us. We’ve got two more products in the pipeline.
We’ll be launching Water Bottles and Coasters in the next few weeks. Customers won’t be able to see them yet, but they’re available in the uploader now so you can get your shop ready. Below you’ll find product information and tips on how to create and upload for our latest products.

“Strawberry” by ElinJ

About Water Bottles and Coasters

Our stainless steel Water Bottles hold 590 ml (20 oz) of your preferred beverage, and come with a very handy leak proof loop cap. They feature a vibrant 360 degree full wrap sublimated print. We recommend hand washing them rather than throwing them in the dishwasher. Best of all, they’re lightweight, durable and easy to carry.

Coasters are square and are made from lightweight masonite hardboard. They come in a set of four and feature a vibrant sublimation print with a glossy satin finish on one side, and a cork backing on the other. We’d suggest wiping them clean with a damp cloth. Don’t put them in the dishwasher (what kind of monster puts coasters in the dishwasher?!).

“Heart Sharks” by Miranema

Adding Water Bottles and Coasters to Your Shop

Coasters are grouped with Acrylic Blocks in the uploader as the image dimensions are similar. Water Bottles have their own tile. To add Water Bottles, scroll down to the tile and tick enable. To add Coasters, scroll down to the Acrylic Blocks and Coasters tile, click on the wheel, tick the Coasters box and apply changes.



You won’t be able to bulk enable our new products (via the Manage Portfolio page) until we officially launch. If you want to enable any existing designs, you’ll need to do this individually for now, so you may want to focus on your top sellers or personal faves first.

If you want to create designs specifically for these products, the file dimensions are:

Coasters – 1860 x 1860 pixels
Water Bottles – 3160 x 2180 pixels

These dimensions includes the bleed so don’t forget to allow for a small amount of cropping around the edges. See our Dimensions and Format guide if you need more info on designing for Redbubble products.

We’re launching both these products just in time for Back to School and we’re sure they’re going to be popular over the next few months. We’d encourage you to add any new designs you’ve been working on, and share your newest products on your social profiles. And while you’re enabling your designs, it’s a good opportunity to revisit the tags. Tags are the only way people can find your work in Redbubble’s search so they’re super important. Have a look at our post on The Art of Tagging on Redbubble for more hints and tips.

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