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Back to School Design Inspiration for New Coasters and Water Bottles


New Coasters and Water Bottles have landed just in time for Back to School. If you’re looking for product information and tips on how to create and upload for our newest products, head over to this post first.

If you’re hungry for some design inspiration to tie in with one of the season’s biggest campaigns, we’ve got five themes to get your creative ideas flowing. And you can feel a gentle warmth in your cockles knowing those kiddoes are going back to school in style.

Motivation and Inspiration

Let’s face it, when it’s exam time or waistlines are bulging from too many takeaways, they’re going to need all the motivation they can get. Moms can send their kids off with a subtle reminder to study hard, stay positive and get plenty of sleep. Friends can tell them what they really need to hear. That pizza is your friend in times of stress.

Designs by Chestify, Skitchism and The Love Shop

Pro-sports or Anti-sports

Great friendships have been formed on the basis of which side of the fence you’re on. Some of us are obsessed, others not so much. You can help someone make it clear from day one, semester one where they stand, putting out a small beacon for fellow naysayers or super fans who feel the same way.

Designs by 83oranges, Lea Barozzi and Huebucket 


It’s likely coffee is going to play a big part in any college kid’s life. We might as well admit now that it’s worthy of worship, as by week three of the new semester it will be celebrated like a magical elixir, capable of many wonderful things.

Designs by Sophie Corrigan, nikury and rfad


Plants are having what fashionable people call ‘a moment’. Many foolish parents will be sending their kids off with actual living plants to decorate their new dorm rooms. Hopefully some of them will have mercy and swap the plants for stuff with pictures of plants on it. Those will be much harder to kill.


Some students will need a reminder that there are food groups other than ramen. Others will just admit defeat. And that ramen is literally all you need to survive at College. Whether you’re dealing with a fruit fancier or a ramen lover, food makes an excellent decor choice for dorms.

Have you enabled your existing designs? Make sure you’re ready for Back to School customers and your shop is looking sharp. And if you’ve been inspired to create something new, we’d love to your latest Back to School designs in the comments below.

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