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Welcome Our Newest Artist-In-Residence | Haley Kasof

They applied. They were awesome. They became Redbubble Artists-in-Residence.

Read on to find out about the latest Artist in Residence – Haley Kasof.

Originally from San Jose, Ca, Haley’s passion for storytelling and fantastical creatures is what led her to pursue illustration and comics.

Her project at Redbubble focuses on pitching her fantasy graphic novel with LGBT+ protagonists who are learning how to stay kind and grounded no matter what life throws at them.

Aside from drawing, she adores movies, and some of her favorite movies are Hereditary, Pan’s Labyrinth, I Am Love and Trolls. She’s also a fan of bubble tea and tea fan in general.

Haley Kasof - Artist In Residence

Haley Kasof_AiR_Long

1. Describe your work in 7 words or less.

Colorful love and sweet monsters.

2. Tell us about the project you will be working on while in the RB residency program?

I am working on putting together a volume and pitch packet for my graphic novels, Heartland.

3. Name a fear of yours.

Just seeing a clown out there, on the street at night. In a place not known to be a natural habitat for clowns. Like seeing an alligator in a bowling alley, it’s just wrong.

4. What is something most people don’t know about you?

Maybe a weird follow up to talking about how clowns scare me, but I love horror movies! It’s just such an interesting and diverse genre, I’ve been watching them since I was twelve years old. My first horror movie was The Shining, and it’s still a favorite I’m fond of.

5. If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger artist self?

Don’t worry so much! Trust that the universe has a plan. Just do what you love, and people will see that love.

6. What is your guilty pleasure snack?

Pretzel bits with cheese!! I would snack on them all day if I could, and I can’t. I most definitely can’t.

Haley Kasof Sea Dragons

Haley Kasof Characters

Haly Kasof Pride Unicorns

See more of Haley’s art by visiting her Redbubble shop!

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