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How to Diversify Your Shop with Typography

One of the biggest appeals of using Redbubble is the endless potential to make your shop feel original. Typography is an excellent way to add fun options for customers.

Type can add depth to your designs or be used on its own for humor or express a thought. How to navigate the world of fonts and the basics of picking your fonts for design are great places to start. These are just two starting points that scratch the service of how type can help your shop stand out.

Modern Love (bonus) by grrrenadine

by grrrenadine

Hella' - retro 80's throwback vibes typography neon positivity by wackadesigns

by wackadesigns

Rainbow dance typography by ShowMeMars

by ShowMeMars


Think of typography or calligraphy as tools in your creative utility belt. They’re ways to come across as funny, modern, or smart. Customers react well to text, and this can be used to your advantage to draw attention.

A good thing to remember with type-based or text art is to focus on your message. Make sure to put as much time on the design as you do on the words themselves. You can use text to enhance your illustrations. But using the wrong font or placement can become distracting. Customers still want appealing designs on products.

Simple work using text only can also be less effective with a mismatched font. Imagine a brilliant quote from Albert Einstein or Mark Twain in papyrus. Yeah, shocking.

Escape by skitchism

by skitchism

Pride and Prejudice Quote Art, Jane Austen Typography Home Decor, Book Lovers Gift by BlueBunnyStudio

by BlueBunnyStudio


Teenage by Luis Enrique Cuéllar Peredo

by Luis Enrique Cuéllar Peredo


A few things to keep in mind:

  • Simple is better. Try not to combine different fonts in a single design.
  • Try not to get distracted with overly complicated fonts that overshadow your art or your message.
  • Know your fonts. Check out this post on fonts to understand how commercial-use fonts work, and how to make sure the fonts you have are okay to sell.
  • Be careful with quotes. We all love merchandise from our favorite shows and movies, but always be sure your works fall within our guidelines. Keep an eye on our Partner Program to see brands that Redbubble has partnered with to allow certain fanart and make sure to follow the brand guidelines.
  • Use contrast with your font combinations. Your text will pop more if you pair fonts that compliment each other well, like a simple sans serif with a more decorative script font.
  • Be creative and have fun! Your options with typography are infinite. Feel free to think outside the letter box.
Nothing Good Comes Easy - Typography Design by Sebastian Stadler

by Sebastian Stadler

East Coast Typograpy by Georgi Slavchev

by Georgi Slavchev

Time Is Now Typography by Alja Horvat

by Alja Horvat


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