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Design Themes for Shower Curtains and Bath Mats



Shower Curtains and Bath Mats have landed at Redbubble, transporting your art to a whole new room. The bathroom is a place where customers can experiment and have fun with their decor, without splashing out on a renovation or big makeover.

Our two newest products are perfect for all styles of art, but we’ve put together a few ideas in case you’re looking for some design inspiration. And if you’d like the chance to get your hands on some new product samples, then read on!

Nautical But Nice

Nautical imagery has always been a bathroom decor favorite. It’s such a broad theme, there’s plenty of room to think creatively and come up with ideas suited to your own style. Here are some related themes and keywords to get you started:

Marine life – Whales, fish, sharks, octopuses, narwhals, penguins, seagulls, starfish.
Nature – Seascapes, coastlines, waves, beaches, coral reefs, rock pools.
Nautical and naval – Sailors, tattoos, lighthouses, ships, lifebuoys, anchors, flags, pirates.
Mythology and folklore – mermaids, mermen, merfolk, selkies, sirens, kraken, leviathan.

Below: works by ohjessmarie, Nic Squirrell, and Katherine Quinn

Inspiration and Motivation

When you finally drag yourself out of bed each morning, the bathroom is often your first stop, so it’s the perfect opportunity to inject some motivation or fun. You could remind someone they’re an awesome human, or that they’re doing an excellent job at this whole life thing. Perhaps you want to spread a bit of self love and body positivity … or maybe a hint of sarcasm and a sprinkling of misanthropy is more your style. Just try not to ruin anyone’s bath time.


Below: works by latheandquill and showmemars

Magnificent Monochrome

Black fixtures and fittings have become a big trend in bathrooms, and monochrome bath mats and shower curtains are a perfect match. Search Pinterest and you’ll find may pins featuring geometric tiles, dark grouting and matte black taps. It’s sophisticated, sleek, a little moody, and perfectly suited to a range of art styles. We can picture some classic black and white photography or graphic art working really well with this kind of decor.


Below: works by Sam Nagel, Tordis Kayma and Frances Lewis 

Feeling Fruity

We’re not sure what it is but big, bold, fruity patterns are having a bit of a moment. Maybe it’s because they’re so darn vibrant, juicy and colorful. Maybe we just need an extra reminder to lay off the burgers every now and then. Either way, people are having a lot of fun going big and bold in their bathrooms and there’s no end to the fruit and color combinations you can experiment with. This is another theme that suits almost every art style from photography to vintage collage.


Below: works by Carly Watts, Julia Badeeva and Zhivova

Neutral and Earthy Tones

For every bright, bold, fruity person, there’s someone who prefers a more chilled, neutral vibe in their bathroom. Think calm, natural colors – like a day spa with a splash more personality. This theme is more about color and mood so it lends itself nicely to a whole bunch of styles, from pencil drawings to fine art photography. Think about subjects and materials that really work with a calm, relaxed, natural space. Natural fibres, a little bit of texture, botanical elements, maybe a slight vintage feel. The key is to make your designs subtle and understated.


Below: works by Amy Hamilton, LaPetiteBelette and HelgaScand

Win a Bath Mat or a Shower Curtain

You’re inspired. You’ve created and uploaded some new designs. But nobody’s going to know you have new products available if you keep the news to yourself. Show us how you’re promoting your new Bath Mat or Shower Curtain on your social profile by commenting below with a link to your social post. Five artists will receive their work on one of our brand new products! And if you need some self promo advice, check out the tips we put together for Throw Blankets.

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