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5 Ways to Promote the Ridiculously Comfy New Throw Blankets

Throw Blankets make a snuggle-filled landing on Redbubble. Now’s a great time to remind your friends, family, and followers that your designs are available for sale with a little nudge.

In celebration, we’ve put together some ideas on how you can promote your throw blanket designs on social media.

Make An Announcement

So, you’ve already enabled a few designs on throw blankets. Awesome. You just created a new line of HomeGoods. That was easy!

It’s a good idea to share product details (available here) and visuals of the new product. Since customers can’t touch and feel it beforehand, it’s comforting to know a bit more. Also, the previews on Redbubble product pages look great and save you time. Use them. Even a screenshot of the image on your product page will work for social media.

Get Seasonal

People often refresh their decor for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Think about creating designs that feature seasonal colors and themes. Try to set a reminder for yourself a few weeks before the end of the season. The early bird gets the worm, as they say.

Most big retailers and e-commerce stores have their seasonal calendars down to an exact science. Take their take cue by looking at when retail and fashion brands change their lines in stores and via email. Bonus: the changing seasons in both southern and northern hemispheres doubles the chances for seasonal sales.


Get Creative With Uses for Throw Blankets

How else can throw blankets be put to use? Does your audience have particular interests? Knowing this can help make your line stand out. Think about:

  • Blankets for pets
  • Picnics, outdoor parties or BBQs – especially in places where Summer doesn’t always guarantee a heatwave!

Pitch Throw Blankets with other Products

Throw pillows, duvet covers, clocks and throw blankets are great products to promote together as your very own home decor collection. Talking about these products together can inspire your followers to think about other works in your shop and how they might compliment the blanket.

Do A Throw Blanket Giveaway

Giveaways work well for promoting new products. We’ve seen tons of artists do this well. You can select which piece to giveaway or leave it to the winner. Get more from your giveaway by asking your participants to respond to a question or to tag a friend in your post to be eligible to win. For example:

  • Find out what sort of themes they might like you to feature in future designs
  • Find out which of your designs they love



Win A Throw Blanket

And to help you with number 5, we’re leading by example and giving away 5 Throw Blankets to help your self-promotion efforts. Show us how you’re promoting your new product on your social profile by commenting below with a link to your post. Five artists will receive their work on a brand new Throw Blanket!


UPDATE: A huge thanks to everyone who shared their throw blanket marketing wizardry. There are some fantastic examples in the comments. The winners of the throw blanket sample are: Paola Vecchi (Paolavk), Rowehon, designminds, DenesAnnaDesign and Shanzeh Haque. Congratulations to our winners! We’ll be in touch via email in the next couple of days to organise your prize.


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