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How Making Art for Millions of Fans Can Increase Sales

Everyone is a fan of something.

Now you can speak their language on Redbubble. Through the partner program, you can tap into this fandom to capture their imagination and make them a customer of your shop. Takedown notices be gone.

If you’re unfamiliar with fan art, it’s art based on existing characters or imagery, usually from well-known and beloved TV series, movies, music, books, games, comics, and even reality TV. Fanart is appealing to audiences because it’s a new, exciting take on content they already enjoy and admire.

Lion of Roses_Kellie Lamphere

by Kellie Lamphere

Alfred's Favourite Animals_fungolao

by fungolao

Some of you may have created fanart before, while others may have avoided it because of fears over intellectual property and copyright infringement. Those who’ve erred on the side of caution have good reason to: fanart falls into a lot of gray areas, and brings with it the risk that rights holders won’t approve of your derivative work. And unfortunately, copyright infringement brings with it a long list of scary terms like cease, desist, damages, and lawsuit.

By partnering with specific rights holders, Redbubble allows artists to create officially licensed work featuring crowd favorite characters and brands.

Redbubble’s list of approved partners is always expanding, and already includes shows from Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, ITV, CBS as well as other familiar titles like The Last Unicorn and Orphan Black.

by Jeff Powers Illustration

cosima niehaus_veraperi

by veraperi


by JustPlayBro

It’s helping to bridge the gap between brands and their audiences and is allowing artists to express their appreciation for these brands without fear of repercussion.

While each rights holder will have sets of guidelines that artists must adhere to, there’s still so much room for creativity. When you pair the popularity of characters from shows like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and Rick and Morty, with your amazing artwork and some well-used tags, you open up a lot of opportunities for your sales to increase. And even better, doing so has the potential to increase traffic to your shop, which will get more eyes on all of the work you create, whether it’s fan art or not.

This program can do wonders for increasing your shop’s potential, so the advantage of the opportunity!

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