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The Wrap: Empowering Women Year Round

Lobaz SheWolf by annalisafeliz

As the saying goes, well-behaved women seldom make history. With Women’s History Month drawing to a close, we’re here to applaud badass women everywhere, known and unknown.

Cue Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” and raise a glass. Cheers to female empowerment and the art it inspires. All year round.

Standing On The Shoulders of Giants

Art is a powerful force that can change opinions and rewrite the rules. It can draw attention to injustice, translate experiences, and uplift communities.

The list of legendary female creators is longer than a CVS receipt. It’s impossible to single out one favorite. Of course, there are a few pillars worth mentioning, including Harriet Powers, Mary Cassatt, Romaine Brooks, Georgia O’Keeffe, Frida Khalo, Yayoi Kusama, Judy Chicago, Renee Cox, and Vaginal Davis. True juggernauts of herstory.

These women and countless others affected change with their craft. Through art, they widened the collective human story to include expressions of womanhood.

Right on, ladies.

Women’s Empowerment on Redbubble

While we honor both legendary and unsung heroines, we also stop to recognize contemporary artists. The many that make Redbubble tick.

A Head full of Daisies and Daydreams – Women Who Ride by Amanda Zito

Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History by TheLoveShop

Sisterhood by Gaia Marfurt

You Go Girl with Florals by latheandquill

This year Redbubble kicked off a campaign celebrating empowerment for International Women’s Day and more broadly Women’s History Month. We teamed up with influential digital tastemakers who have a thing or two to say about creativity. We asked them a few simple, but meaningful questions, and we got a range of answers that speak to the female experience.

In turn, we partnered with our artist to create works inspired by their words and encouraged all to share their power with the world.

Independent artists have a long history of contributing art that captures diverse expressions of the female experience on Redbubble. We’ve seen quotes from suffragette trailblazers, modern-day messages of strength and persistence, colorful depictions of equality, and Princess Leia inspired reminders that a woman’s place is in the resistance.

New Rules by elenor27

Rainy and Sunny by Doombucket

How to Celebrate Women

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate creative women – in the month of March and beyond – we have a few ideas.

Buy art made by women. Thank a woman who inspires you. Read an autobiography about a female artist that wasn’t well-known. Follow empowered female artists on social media. Make a clever sign and join the next Women’s March. Lift up the women around you with your words, with your actions, and with your art.

Share this with someone you think could use a bit of inspiration today.