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A Special Design for Our 12th Birthday

Redbubble made its debut on 2 February 2007. As Redbubble approaches our 12th year, with an amazing artist community who create some of the most incredible art on the internet, we thought how great it would be to get super mature and ask an artist to create a birthday design to show off how grown up we are. But then we thought sod that. We are fun and creative, dammit. We need a fun and creative design.

We decided Dinomike would be the perfect one to accept this challenge. You may have noticed, one of our regulars, cool-kid Dinomike, around the bubble. Not only is he a fantastic illustrator and a punny guy, but he’s created a pretty awesome design for Redbubble packaging in 2018. We thought he’d be able to create a birthday design that we would love and not be too serious.

In celebration of this day, we’d love to hear your stories in the comments below. Share the first work you uploaded to Redbubble. Share an artistic milestone. Share what Redbubble means to you.

Thank you from our heart to yours for being on this journey with us.
Raise a cuppa and shout a collective “Happy Birthday, Redbubble” to 12 years of creativity.

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