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A Holiday Checklist Worth Checking Twice

We all know the lyrics to the age-old winter tune, Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town. “He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice.” A classic. And also useful.

Preparing for the craziness that is the holidays, a list can be a great way to remember all the small things you have to get done. Like making sure your Redbubble shop is set up for smooth sailing. If you’re in search of a bit of assistance with just what to add to your list, look no further.

Here are 4 things to review in your profile this holiday season.

Payment Details

Thinking about payment details can be a bit dry and uninspiring, but it’s such a crucial piece of this holiday-themed pie. Let’s dig in.


If you’ve chosen to use direct deposit, great. Check to see that you have the right routing number and the exact name associated with the account. Routing numbers for wire transfers are no bueno. Translation: not good. You can look into this with your bank for the correct info.

If there have been any changes recently to your account, put your Type A hat on to review and update your Redbubble settings.

In case you missed it, ACH direct bank deposits are only available for Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. If your bank is not in these countries, for now, try connecting to a verified Paypal account.

Something worth noting is that you can’t change the currency once selected. So, choose carefully.

Account Details Redbubble


First things first, triple check that your Paypal account is verified, not locked or inactive, and fully set up.

Also, you may need to follow a few country-specific guidelines for Paypal accounts. You can check with Paypal support for any further questions on this topic.

Another piece of info to give a once-over is that your email address for Paypal matches precisely with what you entered in your Redbubble payment details. The easiest way to advert a headache later.

Paypal Account Details Redbubble

Other sites buttons

Connect Your Social Accounts to Redbubble

People like clicking on links and active buttons more than copying and pasting. A reality in the age of the internet and mobile phones.

Pasting a URL to your social pages in your profile description may create more work for your fans. So do them a favor and connect your social media accounts directly to your Redbubble account here.

You’re sure to make the nice list with your followers and buyers by doing this.

Promote Yourself and Your Work Redbubble

Your Thank You Message

Most people like a personalized message. It’s a simple way to make others feel appreciated. The same goes for anyone buying products from your Redbubble shop.

You can include such a thank you note that will go out in the order email when someone makes a purchase. Cool, right? We think so.

Head over to the Promote section in your settings and add a personal message to make your fans, followers, and purchasers feel appreciated.

It’s a great way to build a connection with your audience!

Markups and Pricing

As you consider ways to optimize your shop and products, think about how adjusting your product pricing and markups can help with this.

You may want to experiment with popular products in your Redbubble shop. Consider increasing the markup slightly to see how it affects your margins and sales. It’s always great to keep your fans and buyers in mind when doing this. So start slowly, and understand what your audience reacts to, and make changes accordingly.


Pricing Details Redbubble

There are many ways to put your Redbubble shop in a position to have an excellent holiday season. These are just four that will set you up for a hassle free experience at this jolly time of year.


Go forth and check these items off your list and share with others.


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