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Put down that Halloween candy and stop painting that pumpkin. We’ve got some truly terrifying news for you. Holidays are just around the corner. Pretty soon, the envelope licking will begin and season’s greetings will be whizzing their way across the land.

People will need cards. More specifically, people will need quirky, fun, beautiful, unique cards for their quirky, fun, beautiful, unique friends and family. And we know just the people who can answer their call.

Over the next 3 weeks we’ll be challenging you to come up with your best greeting card designs for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, New Year, Diwali or any other holiday we celebrate at this time of year.

  • We give you a theme that’s trending this season.
  • You use the theme to create a unique greeting card.
  • You upload your design to Redbubble.
  • You share your work on social using #RBCardChallenge and @Redbubble, on Instagram and Redbubble.
  • You could win $100 and be featured on the Redbubble homepage.

See the current challenge below, and remember to keep checking this blog post as we’ll be updating it with each new challenge.  First challenge begins, Friday, October 5th.

Now a message from our legal team. Read the full terms and conditions here .

Week 2 – ANIMALS

The 2018 Holiday Design Challenge enters week 2. This week, design greeting cards that are furry, fuzzy, scaly, fishy, or any other animal-centric adjective you can think of. Make the holidays more animalistic by sharing your design with #rbcardchallenge and @Redbubble and win $100.


This week, create a vintage-inspired or pattern artwork that’ll make the holidays so much more vintage and/or pattern-y. You could win $100. Share with #rbcardchallenge and @redbubble.

Keep up to date with this challenge and more at Redbubble Create Instagram.


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