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Artist Updates | The New Analytics Dashboard

Welcome to your new analytics dashboard!

While you’ve been busy creating art, in the background Redbubble has been collecting data on your artwork sales to help you make better business decisions.

In your dashboard, you can dive into the data to track your performance on Redbubble. Learn what your most popular artworks are, what products sell best on your artworks and understand the impact of seasonal trends on sales.

All this information can help you analyse your growth, set goals, and optimise your shop.

Read on for tips on how to make the most of the dashboard.

Look at the big picture

Your earnings chart gives you a window into how your art is performing over time. The default view of the chart is 30 days which will help you assess the health of your store.

Are you noticing any spikes in sales on a particular day of week? Analyse your trends and optimise your marketing efforts on these days to increase traffic to your works.

Drill into your payment history to get a more granular view of your earnings.

Top selling artwork

Understanding what is resonating with your buyers — what they like and dislike — can help you create art that they’ll love and share with the world.

For example, if an artwork performed particularly well last month, consider creating similar artworks or if an artwork sells well on stickers, make sure you’ve enabled stickers on all your works.

Drill into your sales history to get a more granular view of your sales over time.

Popular selling products

T-shirts, leggings, posters, metallic prints, stickers, pillows……what sells best on my artwork.

Select View Details on top artwork to find the products that sell best on your selected artwork.

If a product type like stickers performed particularly well on your art last month, consider enabling stickers for all your works.

Get started now!

With your new dashboard, you can get a holistic view of your artwork performance so you can identify trends over time, get insight into how your marketing efforts are paying off and learn more about your buyers.

What are you waiting for, click here to access your dashboard today! Or learn more in our FAQ.